I puked at 10,000 ft and fuck you.

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I fucking did. I hate my socks but I hate you. Joe the fucking electric compassion can fuck off. Compassion socks suck. I am so fucking wasted. I ate all the whiskey. Cheese whiz can fuck off with oreos. fuck texting to your mom. fuck that food we ate last night but at least shes cool. fuck. And, I am so proud of Rebecca, ha ha.

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I am... Caveman. Spokane, Washington, USA

24 Replies to “I puked at 10,000 ft and fuck you.”

  1. Actually, that post has me seriously considering giving up booze. And maybe Oreos.

  2. Don’t even go there, son. I was drivin’ the porcelain bus when you were in diapers.

  3. Throwing up is considered a badge of honor but what it really means is your a lite weight who can’t handle his booze.

    The only times I’ve thrown up is when I mixed booze with weed. Killer combo for me. 20+ years since I did that.

    Let’s be careful out there kiddies.

  4. Triple f you’d be in the hospital if you drank as much as me last night. Love cavey

  5. hehehehehehe

    Hey joe. Ya gotta love these youngsters eh ??

    They drink a 6 pack and think they have alcohol poisoning.

    In my day I needed a 12 pack just to limber up.

    Not that’s really anything to brag about but given this site, and the challenge, I felt I had too.

    Would some female please drink caveman under the table for me.

  6. Hell, back afew months ago when I was laid off, a quart of low-zoot vodka frequently disappeared in >24 hours. Never really felt any ill affects (except from Mrs. Joe) but hey-It was winter. Too much snow piled up to give me a shoulder to ride on, and too warm for studs to do much good.

  7. caveman, we have to meet. Booze on me until I’m broke or pass out.

    BJ can put you in touch.

    No buzz kill from me.

    Drive safely, if you ride drunk, try to fall before the end of the drive. always works for me.

  8. zMud- you’re on. you’ll be broke and passed out when we get done. Bike show is soon…