One nut, seven Tours, no steroids

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I got this in February. Really. It was buried in a draft folder for months. Hey, I’ve had a busy summer! I’ll get it cleaned up, I promise. Right after I sort out the garage. Which is an absolute train wreck. I digress…

Thought you’d enjoy the billboard that went up across NZ yesterday. It’s by the local beer company Tui, which is absolute swill, but the ad campaign is one that I’ll never forget. Timely, I’d say, in light of today’s news.

Mike Anderson aka AnderSatan aka 666


Yep. Pretty much nails it.

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19 Replies to “One nut, seven Tours, no steroids”

  1. Oh man. That’s perfect no matter what the beer taste like.

    If you put this up in the USA you’d be sued in to the dark ages.

    Good to see some country still appreciates free speech.

    Go New Zealand !!!

  2. @10

    Hi Sparky,

    Tui ads are tongue-in-cheek, I think that what’s up on that billboard could be classified as an ‘opinion’.

    Given that you’re talking from the nation that worships ‘freedom of speech’ I’m surprised that you do not understand the concept.

    New Zealand & Australia are the two most straight up nations in the world, we don’t roll over for big names, big business or big bucks, (unlike a recently credit downgraded nation that I could name, which I won’t because I like a lot of the people there).

    Take care out there.

  3. Freedom of speech ain’t worth shit unless it’s backed by the rule of law.

  4. Shit beer, sometimes funny ads. We in NZ have cool places to ride, rule of law, freedom of speech and a sense of humour Joe, come visit!

  5. don’t mess with kiwis. they play football without pads or helmets. and their water flushes backward.

  6. @15-Hey it ain’t my fault. Nailed by 277 volt acouple times too many. Afew more unscheduled trips down the ladder than any man deserves. All that shit is cumulative.

    Wait. What? Somebody say somethin’ about beer?