Product Review: Kep’s Balls

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Over the past few years I have become a fan of eating as much “real” food as possible while I am on long rides. I have found that a good sandwich and some fruit makes me feel a lot better than a Cliff bar and a gel packet. Everybody knows that if you feel good,  you ride good. If you ride good, everything is good.

I wanted to try this real food approach for this years Old Pueblo but I needed to find fuel that was filled with the most energy, didn’t take up too much room in my stomach, and was a bit more portable than a sandwich. So, like any good American sitting at work, I hit the internets for a few hours. I quickly stumbled across Kep’s Balls. I dug the concept of bee pollen and honey from his own hives combined with natural grains and a bunch of organic ingredients. But what the hell are they going to taste like? I exchanged a few emails with Kep and he was pretty excited for me to get my hands on his balls. Come to find out, he reads DC and is indeed a drunkcyclist. A few days later, the mailman dropped off a few sacks of Keps balls to my house. I was pleasantly suprised by how good they tasted and that there is even an espresso flavor made with real beans. I started eating them on long rides a few weeks before my event and ate them through the entire race with no problems. They rocked.

Since that race, it seems like I have talked to Kep about his balls for hours. I only had one issue with them… every time I kept them in my jersey pocket for too long the chocolate would melt and result in some very messy balls. He has since refined his recipie and will soon be distributing some naked balls as an option.

I have to give Kep’s Balls two thumbs up. Kep is just a one man show with a bunch of bees in his backyard up in Buena Vista, CO. He is working hard cooking up a solid alternative to the usual suspects of bars and gu’s. We dig ’em

Kep sent over a little video he has been working on and he wanted DC to be the first site to show it. Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image

*Damn. I really dislike bees.

tiny ball sack
the goods.

You can check out for more information. You can also follow the  facebook page where he gives away free samples and other cool schwag on a fairly regular basis.

I recommend getting some balls in your mouth ASAP and as always…keep it dirty.

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11 Replies to “Product Review: Kep’s Balls”

  1. Thanks for the report, the story has a happy ending leaving you with a stained jersey.

  2. Making something similar to this is not that difficult. My lady friends and I make “granola bars” using whole grains, and natural sweeteners. I know it’s good to support good folks when it is possible. However, good food is not that far out of reach. Some ingredients and patience goes a long way.

    I can share some recipes if anyone is adventurous enough to spend some time in the kitchen.

  3. I got a charcoal grill that fits in one of my panniers. That along with five pounds of Kingsford, an inch thick Porterhouse and a fifth of Bourbon is usually all I need on a ride.