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16 Replies to “Vive le tour!”

  1. My favorite thing about this is the continued insistence that “le charge” is ruining the sport. And to think that the sport is still fucking HUGE having gone through the speed, steroid and epo/hgh/serra eras. Besides how much more the leaders looked like they were suffering! A 300 km mountain stage was, like, totally normal back then. I love it!

  2. …i got so fucking tired of so much of the shit that goes down on this site that i decided to use ‘not commenting’ as an exercise in self control, rather than always responding to things but i gotta say, gianni, you outdid yourself with this video…

    …that was truly entertaining & interesting as hell & if you love this sport, that was an awesome look into a bygone era…those fans, beyond the true cycling aficionados were the working class men & women of france who found the joy & glory in ‘their’ race…

    …anquteil in yellow, the flandrian jozef planckaert in 2nd & poulidor, the eternal second, all the way down in 3rd…

    …that was wonderfully enjoyable, so thank you, gianni…

  3. Wow. You really outdid yourself, finding the time to copy & paste that self righteous crap here. Standing ovation to you, and a golf clap to the restof this dunced confederacy. Well done!

  4. Thanks for that! Although it makes me feel like a pussy climbing with my carbon frame and Campy Super Record 11 speed.

  5. Jesus, dude! I ride an old steel Fisher HooKoo. Seven speed freewheel and mountain triple with friction thumbshifters. Around here an eight percent grade ain’t but a bump in the road. Fuck, man! “Pussy”? You’d have to harden the fuck up in a serious way to claim the title.

    Oh yeah, and when I ain’t on the Fisher I ride fixed.

    Pussy? You wish.

  6. That is what cycling is all about! I love the past few posts of back home too- ride on bud!!

  7. …& just to finish the thought & answer the question asked in the video…

    “Anquetil doped and he never hid that he took drugs and in a debate with a government minister on French television said only a fool would imagine it was possible to ride Bordeaux–Paris on just water. He and other cyclists had to ride through ‘the cold, through heatwaves, in the rain and in the mountains’, and they had the right to treat themselves as they wished, he said in a television interview, before adding: ‘Leave me in peace; everybody takes dope.’

    …this stuff is chronicled fact from years ago, so, accept what you will but there it is in black n’ white…

  8. He’s alive !!!!!

    Good to see ya back bgw.

    And this old skool vid was awesome to watch.