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36 thoughts on “Contador doesn’t like going to the Doctor

  1. The tifosi, if that’s what we can call the insane clown posse that has invaded the tour over the past couple years, is simply off the hook. I fear for the riders at times, and I’m quite surprised by how raucous the fans are becoming…or perhaps I easily forget thatthis is status quo.

    And on a lesser note, why must it be dudes in bikinis?

  2. Have to say, my grandmother hits harder than that.

    I do not remember everybody getting upset when people with huge needles were running alongside Rasmussen when he was outriding Contador.

  3. Mr. Contador isn’t the first cyclist to lash out at over zealous spectators trying to “be in the moment” while cycling up the hard hills of glory. In fact, is was quite justifiable. Interesting as it is, does anyone have a comment about how some of the “running” spectators were mishandled by the tour security during that final climb?

  4. some of those ‘fans’ were pretty out of control, but what can you expect when they’ve been partying for 24 hours (or more)? in the Sporza broadcast, Jose de Cauwer said, “the organizers could set a few more motos or a car out there [to keep the fans off]…or perhaps a bulldozer with a big blade.”

    in interviews after the stage riders said of the Alpe:

    Johnny Hoogerland: “there were kilometers where I only had to hold my handlebars, I didn’t even have to pedal; I was worried with all the pushing that my stitches were coming out, but whatever, the Tour is almost over.”

    Rob Ruijgh joked: “they were pushing me so hard, a few times I think could put it in the big ring.”

    Laurens ten Dam: “I went through turn 7 [Dutch Corner] with my hands in the air, I had my radio taken off me…it was crazy, but incredible.”

    besides being hard as a rock, LtD is also a drunk cyclist! former Rabo rider and DS, Erik Dekker, hopped the barrier about 2km from the finish and handed LtD a cold Heineken.

    poor form by the Dutch ‘fans’ who booed the maillot jaune.

  5. Really hoping that livewrong dude was going to be dressed up in yellow with the massive syringes on the mountain!
    Do you think Evan’s can actually do the business in the TT though? We’re all waiting with bated breath but I’m not so certain Andy hasn’t got a trick up his sleeve.

  6. Shit ain’t right. How can they not have crowd control? This ain’t cyclocross in some cow pasture. This is the real thing.

  7. Next year the crowd will decide the race. Unfortunate, but the last few years have shown that it’s only a matter of time.

  8. @angry buddhist, wasn’t this year’s Tour decided by the crowds on the first stage?

    The big crash that put Contador in the hole was caused by a collision with a spectator.

  9. Deal with it? It is beautiful.

    I remember when the used to hand out personal fouls in the NFL for crowd noise. It had a pretty negative effect on the fan base.

    I’m not sure how many spectators they rode past, I imagine it is in the millions. No dogs that I saw, no cars that I saw, a few spectators going a bit over the top. Seems like a pretty good track record.

    I’d hate to see an Americanized version – cops with pepper spray, tasers and night sticks…I like it the way it is.

  10. Plus, a fool gets in the way, punch them in the face, no charges, no lawsuits…let’s not wish the “American way” on the TDF.

  11. YoRo+1. “Let’s not wish the “American way” on the TDF”.
    It was “Dutch-in-France” way on Alpe d’Huez yesterday: Orange douchebags everywhere !

  12. I am all for keeping it the way it is, just that my fear is two people battling for the win on the days stage get accidentally tripped up by a runner and the outcome is drastically different.

    As for americanizing the tour…..we fucked up enough stuff, one of the most popular “sports” in our country is people turning left. WTF?????? I just don’t get it.

    Let the crowds alone, but also let them let the race happen.

  13. I love the crowds as much as the next guy…watching Armstrong and Ullrich racing up the alps with crowds running behind them is unmistakably rad. But seeing people injured and dropping out of the race because of spectators is a real bummer.

  14. @ Angry Buddhist: Velodromes were the race du jour as the automobile came on. Remember Madison Square Garden’s original purpose? It’s no coincidence that NASCAR turns left. Velodromes turned left first. That heritage has all too easily been overlooked. Maybe it’s unfortunate that we’re a young country that, like a fresh 16 year old with a new driving liscense, traded the bike for the instant gratification that internal combustion provides. Thank gods the Internet & television let us see the heritage that remains over there.

  15. Give me a break – can you imagine the money and manpower required for ASO and French police to fence off ALL the roads in crucial areas?

    Spectators interfering with the race are an unfortunate, but hardly trending TdF hazard. Didn’t Merckx lose the opportunity for a sixth tour when a fan gave him a nice kidney punch?

  16. Guys, this is racing alpine stages in the Tour. It’s been going on for decades.

    Gianni Bugno, 1990:

    LeMond and Hinault 1986:

    Merckx was punched in the kidney in about 1975 (6?)
    check out the crowds at about 1h12″

    Lemond and Indurain in 1990 on Luz Ardiden….
    There is far more fan access to cyclists than any other pro sport. It’s one of the things that makes it special.

  17. They’ve moved the barriers further down year on year, and even having them there didn’t stop Guerini from being knocked over by a fuckwit with a camera in ’99. You can’t have the spectators cordoned in all the way down to Bourg d’Oisans. I’m all for letting the crowds police themselves, but this year’s atmosphere didn’t feel so good: too many performance artists. They’ve been nutcases forever (compare ’89) but they weren’t trying to get on the back pages.

    Just compared the stage to the Étape results: the top guy, a 42-y-o former pro, finished with a time around that of the autobus today. Not bad at all.

  18. Fan-tastic photo of Contador punching the dude with the spray hose.

  19. I just thought of something. A crackdown on shmenges might result in the disappearance of the Didi, and that would be tragic.

  20. Great link, el jefe. Crazy crowds even then, but I think the uploader’s right that they had more collective respect for the riders.

  21. He wasn’t trying to punch the guy in the face, if you look the guy in the doctor costume touches Contador with his fake stethoscope so Contador responded by hitting his hand away and accidentally hit the guy in the face.

  22. This is a very shortened replay of just the punch. The doctor dude sprayed Contador with something before the fist came out. He had it coming.

  23. I say, give the leading moto dude an automatic pistol with a banana clip full of tranq flechettes. Then the riders will only have to weave through and/or bunny hop the prone bodies of the ass clowns.

  24. I would have punched the fucker too.

    Then I probably would have fallen off my bike.

    Let’s be honest: I never would have made it that far into the stage.

    I’m tired just thinking about it.