You gonna steal my flow?

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First thing that popped into my mind when I saw this pic? Busta Rhymes. Shit is bananas.

Yo which muthafucka stole my flow
Eenie….meenie miney mo
Throw that type of nigga right out my window

Dude put it to ’em today. It was awesome.

You think that you can hide, you think you can lay low
Roll up on your ass like Hawaii 5-0

Alberto Contador Stage-16-Tour-de-France-2011

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I’ve got to give Contador props for gunning it like he did. I’m sure he is about sick and tired of the conjoined twin Schleck sisters. I know I am.

Busta Rhymes – Woo Hah!!

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I am losing my god damned mind.

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15 Replies to “You gonna steal my flow?”

  1. Jonny – I gotta tell you, I love the blog and I love the rap reference, and I can additionally respect Contador’s performance.

    But I fackin hate the guy.

    ‘Nuf said.


  3. If the Tour were held on the flats, blue skies, dry weather, no fans, no hills, no descents, and no time trials, then Andie and Frankie might have a chance.

    Their tactics have been so disappointing.

  4. Derp, i am not an Alberto fan either, but at least he races his bike. I am just about to leave the house for Sestrieres, to watch the cat 1 climb today and I really hope I see Evans, Contador and Sanchez putting the screws to those weiners. if so, I might even blast a little Busta Rhymes outta the phone in honour of big johnny’s deceased sanity.

  5. Barry is right, the man will race. he will attack.
    big ups to the race peeps out there, this year it is nice not to know who will really win this thing. It gets tiring knowing who will win for 2 straight weeks. Hopefully there will be more racing in the next 2 days.

  6. @Med School Odyssey: Sounds like the Tour of Qatar. Of course, then they’d be complaining about the big kids kicking sand in their faces.

  7. Voekler guts it out with the help of Rolland and stays close to all the big guys through the Alps losing a handful of seconds each day, but goes rolling into Saturday’s ITT with over minute on everybody and the yellow jersey still on his back. He rides like a man possessed for 26 miles, turning himself inside out, collapsing as he crosses the line but managing to hang on to the yellow jersey by seconds. He rolls in to Paris (after a night in the hospital recovering from his extreme effort), the first frenchman to win Le Tour since Hinault in 1985. France declares him a national hero and the guy is elevated to the status of a living god. Can you imagine? That shit would be insane! It could happen…

  8. Jon,

    Having ridden downhill in the alps with my cat 3 skilz (bwaahaha), at 50 mph, and getting passed by a 55-year old ex european continental pro like I was standing still , I can say with some certainty that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Descending the way these guys do requires flow, unbelievable strength, and huge clanking bronze truck nuts.

  9. Jon, +1 on what danimal said. The descents, despite being paved can be exceptionally challenging. Having watched it on tv for years I was eager and anxious to rail down them, but the first challenging descent down Grimsel to Gletsch scared the shit out of me and I felt forced to ride much more conservatively than I had anticipated or is my nature.

    I’d never experienced brake pump on a road bike before riding there and was actually wishing for disks on one descent.

    Basically, It’s like nothing I’ve seen in the rockies, appalachians, adirondacks or anywhere else on this side of the pond. They seemed to my experience like a situation where a very small disparity in rider skill could create a huge disparity in overall speed/time.

  10. Contador will attack, that is what he does. The Schlecks will attack because now they must. Voeckler will respond, though valiant is effort, he will not persevere. They say beware the man in the cat bird seat, and that cat is Cadel Evans.

  11. Back when I lived in the Big D we used to take our bikes to the top of a very tall parking garage, take the chains off the crank, and race down using only gravity and breaks. It was stagering how much faster some riders were going down than others. It all came down to ability to control the bike at speed and how big your balls were.

    I miss those days. I had bigger balls back then.

  12. Yeah, I’ve ridden/raced in the Alps a few times (being UK based) and some of them are pretty sketchy. I kind of meant that if they had a problem with the descent, they should just slow down rather than moan about it. Hey they might get dropped but it’s a race and it happens when someone’s faster than you. Anyway I’ve seen worse, look, someone found a google street view link, looks OK

  13. Growing up in MoTown, NJ we had a street that we called Hill Street. Forget it’s real name. Only a 150 yards long but a steep fucker. With buildings at the bottom so you had to scream around a 90 degree corner to not get squished.

    Well. Someone finally did. Kid slid out and went right under a car. Bled out before they could get him out.

    Never rode that hill again and I’m a pussy to this day on steep descents.

    That said….I ain’t a fucking pro. The Schleck’s need to quit whining.