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SSUSA went down last weekend in Boulder, CO.  For the proper write up head on over to Mountain Flyer, because they write better than I can.  First and foremost, big congrats to Eszter Horanyi and the dude from Seattle who took the overall wins.  The weekend included seeing old friends, making new friends, plenty of good times, and a bike race thrown in for good measure.  For my pictures and recap scroll down.

Picture 12

Dejay greeted me Wednesday night the only way one would expect after not having seen each other in nine months, yelling incoherent words, throwing up in the street, and biting my shoulder.

DSCN0556Kramer, the man in charge of the fun

DSCN055915 shots of whiskey and two ugly men

DSCN0561Fuzzy and a guy dressed up as a lion

DSCN0563Dax, the winner of last year’s pedal race was present

DSCN0572Heading to the pre-race ride, megaphone in hand

DSCN0575The group gathers along Boulder Creek in preparation for the start of the hosting competition, a tubing battle down the creek

DSCN0588Outside the first bar

DSCN0590The best looking pitcher in Boulder

DSCN0597Time for bull riding

DSCN0603Insert your own caption for this one

DSCN0605Sam is short so we put his bike high up in the tree

DSCN0607DC and Evil were properly represented

DSCN0609This gal was all class

DSCN0611Nature break during neutral roll out

DSCN0614The course started on a brutally steep hill

DSCN0615A few deep creek crossings added to the fun

DSCN0617Tequilla shots are crucial for any aid station

DSCN0618Beer and M&Ms are also nice

DSCN0619Lots of beer at the finish

DSCN0623Sam won a fitting DFL prize, his own personal ball and chain

DSCN0624Handmade award for the fastest rider, in proper SS fashion is was broken within five minutes of being awarded

DSCN0627Dejay in the process of winning the skid competition which resulted in Vermont winning the right to host next years event

DSCN0628A round of derby decided the overall winners

DSCN0634I cant think of a more fitting way to end it then with Kramer and Jake buying a round of shots for all present at the bar

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About 40 Hands

A fan of riding bikes with one gear, malt liquor, riding without knowing how many miles I’ve covered, and strip clubs that let you bring your own keg. I typically have a stupid grin on my face, it is because deep down I know that no matter what, my mom thinks I’m cool. Denver, Colorado, USA

12 Replies to “SSUSA”

  1. That is absolutely, hands down, the best picture ever taken of a sticker…

  2. goddamn you guys drink a lot. it freaks me out how much you guys can drink and still ride like that. i love the boobage shot. great time, it looks like.

  3. One photo of me and it shows me taking a piss on the roadside. perfect. Good times all around. Kramer and I finished the rest of those beers this weekend. Braaap.

  4. …@gypsy…one a’ these days, lance the intimidater is gonna learn that >i>”the end doesn’t justify the means” & that for all the ‘nobility’ of his actions regarding cancer patients & the inspiration he has provided, he can’t continue lying & trying to intimate through his lawyers that those who previously teamed with him or provided support, all have their own agenda by speaking up about him…

    …i for one would never deny that he has done plenty of good within the cancer community & i will forever support the idea that having won 7 tours de france, he is a great cyclist but his underhanded & intimidating tactics in dealing with those who would disclose the truth are becoming the legendary stuff of a desperate man…

    …so lance allegedly blocks hamiltons path on the way out of the restaurants washroom simply to say “hey, what’s up…???”…ya, okay, sure…that’s fucking likely…just wanted to ‘catch up’ with an old pal’ ya ???…

    …& as far as lance stating “…no one cares…” when hamilton allegedly suggested they go outside so as not to disturb others ???…you are wrong, mr armstrong…a lotta people care & we’d all like to see you ‘man up’ & honestly clear the air…

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