Tour Divide Interview: Dejay Birtch

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For our next round of interviews with folks who are attempting the Tour Divide, I give you Dejay Birtch, a man who has been a friend of DC since 2001 or so.

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DC: First and foremost, why would you want to do such a brutal ride?

Dejay: well I guess it has the potential for being nasty, but if I wasn’t doing this I would most likely be hurting/abusing myself in some other way. So why not go for a nice long bike ride?


Dejay: A doping fruit stand on corse? I haven’t heard anything about it this year, but I’m sure one could sell a lot of things at a stand on the TD route.

DC: Are you worried about saddle sores and are you taking any special precautions?

Dejay: I think over the last 3 months I have worried about everything. So I have made adjustments back and forth to deal with the concerns. wether or not it was the right thing to do, I guess time will tell.

DC: Are you bringing music and what would your number one playlist consist of?

Dejay: I have an IPOD full of all kinds of shit. but Deer Tick, Black Owls, Deep Purple, Jezzabells is what I can think of right now.

DC: One reader wants to know if you have altered your diet to get your body ready for all of the gas station food you are going to encounter along the route?

Dejay: Well I’m not to sure I have made the adjustments on purpose, But it seems I have drank a lot of booze in the last 3 weeks. Which has lead to a few vomiting experience, so I believe if I eat something on the TD that doesn’t agree with me I’ll be able to get it out of my system pretty quick.

DC: You normally race marathon XC and other single day endurance events, how has your training changed to prpare for this event?

Pretty much the same, I ride my bike how I feel on any given day and hope for the best…fingers crossed

DC: A reader wants to know that if you were in a pinch would you drink your own piss like that Bear guy from TV?

Dejay: Well with all the snow on route this year I don’t really think it will come to that, But I did dip my balls in a pint of beer and drank it. Does that count for anything?

DC: From what I understand, you and Jake are going to try and ride the race together. As cute as that sounds don’t you think you will eventually settle into your own pace and eventaully seperate? (or are you and jake going to ride together…)

Dejay: Jake is doing the tour. We hope to keep each other company the whole time, but there are so many things that could happen to ruin that plan, so again, hope for the best!!!

DC: How do you feel your chances are for completing the ride and what are your goals?

Dejay: Well  suppose like everything else I do, I’m really determind to finish this thing/check it off the to do list. FINISH is the major goal and to not get eaten by a bear. Everything after that would be gravy. mmm gravy lots of gravy!!!

DC: Any last thoughts or thank you’s?

Dejay: May we dream deeply when we sleep, and let us live our dreams when we are awake.

Best of luck to Dejay, as well as the rest of the Tour Divide racers.

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7 Replies to “Tour Divide Interview: Dejay Birtch”

  1. Super Big. I think riding all day is big, but two+ weeks? Damn. Great interview. Good luck to Dejay, Jake and all.

  2. …very different approach than the other two cats but with the goal being the same on such an arduous task, i get the feeling that the focus & intent are exactly the same…

    …mucho props, amigo…“shine on, you crazy diamond”

  3. OK. I have to point out.

    “…But I did dip my balls in a pint of beer and drank it. Does that count for anything?”

    Really ??

    WTF ??

    Good luck buddy. I guess.

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