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19 Replies to “I have shit to say but it’s really not that important”

  1. don’t shortchange yourself. bikes are beer are VERY important.

    and tits. tits are awesome too.

  2. …i’m not sure what i just watched but the combination was pretty fucking cool…

  3. That’s effed up because:

    1-Grown men on BMX bikes just sems awkward and wrong. Unless it’s Domenic or someone with Domenic-like chops.

    2-Throwing a perfectly good bike into a pond? Do you know what that does to the bearings? The humanity.

    As to the “beer”-

    1-Never tried it. But I fucking will if it ever comes to this town.

    2-I can see West Virginia from my house. (Cue banjo.)

  4. and YES caveman – you do need to post more often. i was talking about you to gnome and forgot your DC name. that means you really need to post more often. and i have some lost braincells.

  5. That was rad, except for the horrible song. They should’ve just used Bananarama “Cruel Summer”, instead.

  6. Judi, I (ahem) can’t speak to any of that. Well, other than to say that to me, a grown man using an undersized bike, whether it be a BMX or a Brompton, for any use to which a standard-sized and properly-fitted frame would be more suitable, has always seemed to me rather awkward in appearance and, if I may be forgiven, slightly clownish.

    But using a BMX bike to demonstrate one’s mastery of cycling, whether on jumps, or on flatland as your Domenic has done-When it’s done well it just plain makes my jaw drop. Truly impressive.

  7. JTE – you just do not get BMX. flips into a pond like that video caveman posted is nothing less than fucking RAD, ESPECIALLY when a 40+ year old man is doing it. the simple fact that he can still get rad on a bike at that age is fucking HOT.

  8. @#16/Judi. +1

    Caveman, that was awesome. way awesome.

    My pals and me used to do that (albeit way smaller) off the dock where I grew up. Brought back vivid memories of stinking teenage feet slopping around inside greasy gross wet Vans and the inevitable carving up of a shin with a beartrap pedal.

    Other folks might think of baseball or some boring shit when envisioning the halcyon days of youth but for me it was strapping a PDF to the bars of my MT Fox and launching that shit into the river. I still regret selling that bike..

    and Joe. Bearings are serviceable. easily.

  9. Well whatever blows yer skirt up, I reckon. Long as you’re on a bike and all that.