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  1. Then he got on the bike, rode into the curb, cut his chin and gave up cycling forever!

  2. @Ant – He’s already a baller.

    @Gttim – If you’re not crashing, you’re not trying.

  3. gttim:
    more likely:

    “The kid rode down the street and then got right hooked by a hungover, uninsured motorist talking on a cell phone. The driver sped off but was later apprehended from video evidence captured at the scene.

    The driver explained to police that he thought he hit an animal and got scared. The cyclist was wearing a helmet but died later in hospital. Police have concluded the incident was an accident and no charges have been laid.”

  4. Thanks, Judi, for posting that video. I needed that today. I really needed that. After three nights of short sleep and a pile of work I can barely manage, that really helped. This BarBri shit is killing me. There is so much I need to know, so much I was never taught in law school… Whatever. Call me a whaambulance.

    That kid is awesome. I love how he comes in for a hug. Put a lump in my throat. My own daughter figured out her bike earlier this year. It was one hell of an experience, for her and for me. On a lot of levels. We all want to share this thing that has become such a large part of our lives, cycling.

    Seeing it click for this kid, seeing his pride, his satisfaction. God damn, that was awesome.

  5. Never had kids but I’ve seen a few taught over the years. The absolute joy they have when they first roll away on their own is priceless. Smiles big enuf to swallow their own heads kinda thing.

    Nice vid judi.

  6. …may that every one of us retain a bit of that pure awesome energy towards cycling somewhere deep in our inner souls…

    …i think i see it in a lotta folks on this site…

  7. I got to teach my niece how to ride a bike. She was six at the time. As dorky as it may sound, it was more fun than winning a race, or riding a bike myself. She took a good digger at one point too, just got up, hopped back on the bike, and tried again.

    Too bad her dumbass father wasn’t around to see it. Not like he would have given a shit anyway.

  8. Even if the kid did take a dinger, kids at that age are made of some type of elastic.

  9. It’s been a long time since I was that enthusiastic about anything. A long time.

  10. I think it’s Judi wondering what kind of Mommy she would be.

  11. @ D2: I taught my niece to ride a skateboard when she was five. Her mom (that’d be my sister) never forgave me. Especially after my niece crashed on said skateboard and broke her arm.

    @ Scoottay: little kids bounce, actually. I’ve seen it.

  12. …@beth h…despite the broken arm, i’ll bet your niece still loved learning to ride skateboards, ya ???…

    …it was a new autonomy, she figured out quickly that it was something mom n’ dad were never gonna teach her & it came from her favorite auntie beth who prob’ly has a reputation around their house for being a little ‘off the wall’ with some of her activities, ya ???…

    …i think i hear echoes of an old conversation between mother & daughter – “sweetheart, your auntie beth needs to stop all this foolish nonsense like riding bicycles & skateboards & getting little girls like you in trouble…she should find herself a nice husband, settle down & raise a family like your mommy & daddy”
    …”but mommy, auntie beth says she has lottsa fun doing stuff”…
    “young lady, there’s more to life than having fun !!!”

  13. 40+ years of riding for me and sometimes when I come home from riding I still feel like that kid….I’ll throw the devil horns for rock n roll Ride On VikeAz

  14. …right on & ride on, vikeaz…i can absolutely relate & hell, i’m older than even joetheelectrocuter…

    …i’m slower than i’d like to be, i don’t have the kinda power i’d like to have but at 62 (who’s counting), the damn bike still makes me feel like a kid…

    …how fucking cool is that ???…

  15. While reading my freshly delivered copy of Dirt Rag #156, I note on Page 100 there’s a bit on a 1991 Gary Fisher RS-1.

    It was noted that in 1993, one Stephen Wilde designed a carbon fibre front end that was mated to the existing RS-1 rear, which eventually resulted in the new Alembic.

    Details, BGW, details.

  16. …stephen wilde is undoubtedly nothing more than a figment of bikesgonewild‘s imagination…

  17. Dude, this kid is the best. All hail this kid.

    Wok and woll!


  18. @25-Even my paltry Google skills were able to turn up a photo of Fisher with a man identified as Stephen Wilde. Wanna take a guess who he looks like?

  19. …i was born first, so he looks like me & i’m still the handsome one…

  20. Bullshit. All in the eye of the beerholder.

    Anyhizzle, you busted. Welcome to the turtle club, Stephen.