Campfire Cooking with Dirty

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I just returned from a few days on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (more about that on Tuesday) and thought I would share a little campfire wisdom I aquired. By the last day of the trip, the breakfast supplies were getting pretty slim but there was an ample supply of hangovers. We needed a meal to cure us. After assessing what ingredients we had left, the conclusion was obvious. Breakfast nachos. 

What follows is a step by step pictorial on how to accomplish your own campfire bliss.

Step 1: Bacon. Always bacon


Step 2: Sausage
Step 2: Sausage
Step 3: Find a guy with a busted collar bone to chop stuff up


Step 4: Add chips and other stuff
Step 5: Cover and move on to coals
Step 6: Admire the beauty
Step 7: Destroy.


Step 8: Wash down with one Tecate and go ride.

Thanks to Scandinavian Jesus and Gonzo for the culinary inspiration.

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16 thoughts on “Campfire Cooking with Dirty

  1. Some serious looking vittles you got there. You boys sure know how to do it up right.

    Next time, instead of sausage, use turtle meat. You’ll love it.

  2. looks like that would carry you through a few miles of trails and delicious too

  3. @ epic ride ryan, I may be 4 flying dog double pale ales deep (11.5%) but I definitely see a piranha/devil dog/spawn of satan leaping from the embers of that log with gnarled fangs poised to devour some succulent camp stove creation. It will definitely haunt my dreams, that is if the alcohol will allow me to enjoy full fledged REM sleep. Damn, this post makes me want to set up my tent in the back yard right now. Fuck it, its 1:48am, Im unemployed and in the prime of my life……. its quasi campout time!!!

    Ps. Go Dirk Nowitzki

  4. its like extreme eating episode, meat topped with meat, stuffed with meat, drizzeled with meat juice. But hey when the the supplies are getting low…Kinda surprised you didn’t start cooking the collar bone guy. Survival mode.

  5. That piranha is the stuff nightmares are made of…

    …and death metal songs. Mr. Piranha definitely deserves his own death metal song.

  6. on the subject of food, it’s National Doughnut Day!
    Bear claws for everyone!

  7. …good creative eye, amigo…that ‘piranha/devil dog/spawn of satan’ was lost in the woodwork until the fire set it free…

    …okay…somebody loosen the straps on epicride ryan’s straight jacket ‘cuz his monster has been confirmed by several of us…

    …or maybe we’re all crazy…

  8. Ya must be. I have no clue WTF youse guys are talking about with all this piranha talk. I’m just not seeing it.

    Can we please get back to turtle talk ??

  9. A can of beans and a couple jalapeños chopped up and you could of opened up a tavern on the north rim…looking forward to GC Tuesday

  10. @ TheEpicRide Ryan – I didn’t see it at first. But, since you pointed it out I can’t not see it! Spooky, man. Spooky.

    I need some time in the woods. Maybe in August.

  11. Ai duzzent see a fing. Ai haz a alkyhaul defishinsea, aifinkso.


  12. …there’s good news in being able to see that vision, gianni…

    …you’ve been studying & working your ass off for years, you’re virtually hours away from a being a full fledged legal consultant & yet you didn’t lose your soul in the process…

    …amen, amigo, amen !!!…