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21 thoughts on “Get Rad This Weekend.

  1. …damn…my stomach did two back flips just looking down that ramp…

  2. I do not have the mental fortitude to even consider going down that ramp.

    Jed Mildon does, and then some!

  3. holy shitballs!!!! I can’t believe he was pedaling into that too, WTF!!!

  4. Kinda makes my patented 3 foot table top jump (i did when i was 18) look kinda wimpy. I will relinquish my crown with grace… and tears. All hail the new jump king. All hail.

  5. I rode my bike today. The wheels never left the ground. But I saw a turtle. No kittehs, though.


  6. I saw not one, but two squished turtles this morning.

    The DC Turtle God was horrified.

    But then I got a surprise blow-job and all was right in the world.

    Just saying…

  7. @His Holiness The DC Turtle God

    2 squished turtles and a surprise blow job? Question: But when is a BJ ever NOT a surprise? Answer: When you’re dating a Euro girl and you slather your john thomas with nutella. Euro girls love nutella.

    An auspicious start to your day.
    Is this your new mantra?

    A blowjob is better than no job.
    A blowjob is better than no job.
    A blowjob is better than no job.

  8. While not wishing to ‘DV8’ from the turtle worship going on, (as it should), I’d like to subtly point out that Jed is a Kiwi from little old Taupo, New Zealand & that was filmed in Taupo.

    Where come November is the annual cycling festival culminating in the 160Km Round Lake Taupo.

    Entries open in July although you can do an early bird entry at

    Accomadation is always at a premium but fortunately I have friends who have a holiday home down there so if you’re interested, I could probably offer you a place to sleep.

  9. @14-Some of us don’t use our bicycles for the amusement of the Beavis and Buttheads among us. Some of us use our bicycles to transport ourselves (and the goods and services that we purchase in our daily lives) from point “A” to point “B”. What say you to that?

  10. …@joetheelectrician – you are correct, sir…although i’d add that the simple joy of pedaling along a winding road or trail speaks for itself…

  11. @Joe, it’s not about amusing others but the personal satisfaction gained by setting a goal and achieving it.
    It’s amazing to see what the future holds and how much potential is really out there.