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Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

18 Replies to “the PooL”

  1. That one guy crashed and smashed his face. I think he is an idiot. Everyone else is cool though…

    Seriously, I would love to ride a park like this. Indoor parks in this country are few and far between.

  2. I am almost afraid to watch this after that last video with the black kid shattering his leg….yuck

  3. The flair drop in was huge! and that fly-out wall ride, holy molybdenum, Chromium man!

  4. …i dug how they painted everything ‘swimming pool blue’

    …& major props for getting the thing built…prob’ly all kinds of initial resistance…

  5. Which one would I rather have? Do you really have to ask? Most playgrounds should be turned into bmx/skate parks. Standard playgrounds with swing sets and monkey bars are a weird form of child abuse.

  6. At the start I could not see how this was going to work. But watching it built amazed me. I wish I had talent like that.

    Ya know. Instead of my primary talents of drinking, wanking off and annoying people.

    They should have included turtles tho.

  7. i’d rather have both. sad to see the swimmers kicked out but stoked for the kids who ride bmx.

  8. I default to rideable pools, but swimming is a great thing for us older folk what with the constipation and all.

  9. That shit was retarded. Loved it. I can’t even name a fav trick. There was so much… And that last hit off the wall’n back in was off the hook. Kids are all right.

  10. Where were the skateboards? I was promised skateboards! (Im buying pads this weekend, then going out to hurt myself.)

  11. After June, it won’t be a pool, or a bmx park. A new pool facility has been constructed, and the old one, that now houses the park, is due to be demolished.
    As my friend who lived in Barking and Dagenham so eloquently told me, “The old facility was rotten and seemed like low-quality Eastern European porn was being filmed there at night…”

  12. @15 gildas someone once told me that Italian Porn is the best porn but I’m kinda partial to midget porn. I mean someone once told me midget porn is good too. Someday I’ll have to check it out. Trust but verify.

  13. Someone told you? Seriously, I’ve seen what I have said, and am not blind nor have hairy palms (yet). And insist that unless you harden the fuck up in the process of, erm, sampling, you don’t speculate…

    Unless that someone your right opposable thumb “friend” :)