Chad Beyer

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This kid. Right here. He’s from Arizona. A lot of us here at DC have known him for years. And, yes, we are all up in his business. This photo is from the 2010 Tour de Romandie. Yeah, that’s a Green Jersey on my man right there! (You know you’re baller when you’ve got a wiki page.)

Chad Beyer (BMC) was one of the day’s main protagonists, working into the day’s main, four-man breakaway to successfully defend his points jersey, a distinction he earned while on the attack on Wednesday.

Beyer was keen to grab more points and helped force the day’s main move. Following out were Alan Pérez (Euskaltel-Euskadi), Mikhail Ignatiev (Katusha) and Denis Van Winden (Rabobank) and the quartet quickly built up a four-minute lead halfway through the circuit course.


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Chad is currently doing this little things called the Giro. In today’s State 16, a utterly grim looking uphill time trial, he lost 05:12 to Alberto Contador. Contador, by the way, pretty much owns the race at this point. Beyer finished 155th. Green jersey photo above from Romandie, and then not exactly lighting the world on fire in a short, uphill, time trial in this year’s Giro. About what I would expect to see. Full results from State 16 here:

Remember the goal:

It’s my first Grand Tour so my number one goal is to finish.

I’d say he’s made it though the worst of it. Full list of the stages here. He is well on his way a finish in Milan.

How ’bout them apples?

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10 Replies to “Chad Beyer”

  1. Congrats to the kid. Hope he finishes his first attempt.

    Given all the BS lately, I have to ask. Is he clean ?

  2. A wiki page does not make you a baller. I won SSWC in a go kart (14th on the bikes if you must know) in 2005 and one showed up with my name on it. Don’t know who put it there, don’t care. I’m a karter, not a baller.

    Chad IS a baller!

  3. Was Chad one of those guys who shows up on the training ride/race and is already super strong despite only recently starting to ride. And is practically undroppable? I’ve seen that a couple of times with guys that are really naturally gifted.

  4. And what’s this news just in from the LBS? List price for a Conti GP4000 tar is SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLARS now? Shit is fucked up.

  5. Christ, I thought fitty bucks a pop for Michelin Pro Racers was spending money like a drunken sailor. Lucky I don’t give a fuck how fast I ride anymore.