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81 Replies to “This guy takes a hit like Lance Armstrong’s career.”

  1. HAHA!!!

    the original video was titled “terrell breaks a leg” and it was over 4 minutes long. i couldnt even breathe after the first 15 seconds. guess he went into shock and shit. he was filming for a BMX company and that video is now copyrighted so i couldnt post it.

  2. What a fuckstick…too bad he didn’t hit his nuts and save the World from his progeny!

  3. Stupid or balls out?… it’s a fine line. The way he handled himself with a wiggling appendage tells me he knew the consequence of coming up short. To the bmx crowd, this is the break getting caught at 50m to the line after being out front all day.

    He tried that gap, and to that I tip my hat. However, the master of bangers Sean Burns shows how it’s done.

  4. Ouch.

    I’d be too chicken shit to even try, so I say props to the kid for giving it a go, and hope he tried again and nailed it.

  5. Why did you post this awful video? Is it because you think it is funny to watch someone break his leg and go into shock? Or is it because you think it is funny to trick your readers into seeing something they will almost certainly regret having watched? The first impulse is mean, the second is juvenile.

  6. …@”e”…try namby-pambycyclist.com…our motto is “nothing to offend your sensibilities”

    …in a righteous world, we could all ride nerf-bumpered recumbents on separated bike paths in the sunshine…

    …or not…

    …hey, amigo…the kid tried it, prob’ly with ‘sponsorship dollars’ in his eyes & here are the results of his efforts…

    …just sayin’…

  7. As always with you, it’s a little difficult to make out from your unorthodox and user-unfriendly writing style, but I take it, BGW, that you personally fall in with option number one: it is funny to watch people break their limbs and go into shock.

    Glad to have you here.

  8. I just watched the video again as an appetite suppressant before heading out to a restaurant where I know I’ll be sorely tempted to overindulge.

  9. @e – anything related to bikes is welcome to be posted on DC. doesnt matter if its a roadie crashing in the peloton or a BMX’er crashing while trying a trick. get fucking used to it or go away.

    @bgw – he was filming for a BMX company. sponsored as a MF.

  10. I suppose the fans of this video are also-long time fans of “The Faces of Death” movies. It’s ironic that people who are–justly–moved and maddened by the Cyclists Down posts get enjoyment out of the pain of a fellow cyclist. I also have to wonder if there would be hate-filled posts such as MM’s if the rider were white.

    Generally I enjoy your contributions, Judi, but not this one.

  11. So give us a vid of a white rider eating shit. We’ll make hate-filled posts on him until the cows come home, I’ll tell you what.


  12. This vid is Gnome approved. E, & TEO, you dudes suck a mile of rainbow & puppy dog cock. Keep it up, you boring ass motherfuckers.

  13. some of the responses to this video definitely tell us a lot about some of the people commenting. Have fun in your bubble, and btw if it wasn’t for people like this constantly pushing the limits as to what is possible we wouldn’t have the quality parts or creature comforts that we have today. Not everyone out there is satisfied with just cruising along in life. Fucking pansies!!!
    Oh and I love the helmet comment, how the fuck would that have helped any? Do you tell someone who gets shot in the face to wear a bullet-proof vest?

  14. Ever heard of the phrase “Tongue in cheek”?

    Or the concept of “Irony” ?

    Lighten up, Francis

  15. Maybe all of you are right and I am a dumbfuck, dumbass, fuckstick, brittle, namby-pamby IDIOT lover and a boring-ass motherfucking puppy-cock sucker, or maybe I’ve just outgrown this Website and should get fucking used to it or go away. I am guessing most of you vote the latter, but still, somehow making fun of/reviling a person who seriously hurts himself while attempting a stunt we all would cheer had he made it just rubs me the wrong way. Must be how I was raised.

  16. @E,

    let’s back the bus up here, yes speaking for my self, (as I do not have the right to speak for anyone else), we’re irrelevent but at no stage did I think those things about you.

    I’m pretty shocked at Gnome’s attack as it was brutal & uncalled for.

    If he had any balls there would be an apology forthcoming but given his recent attitude I would not hold my breath.

  17. posting it comes off sort of shock jockish to me. why not warn those that aren’t into gore by labeling it “gory”. simple solution, offend fewer people. of course, if he had crashed and an amazing set of knockers were miraculously flashed I would have been all for it. i don’t know what that means.

  18. His choice. My entertainment. Yet you bitches cry? Fuck mans, get old somewhere else. Consider that my apology.

  19. Agreed.

    Choices, actions, outcomes, results!

    No Problem.

    Telling people to suck cock because they have a differing view,


    Man up Little Eunuch.

  20. Just because you have a weak stomach, don’t take it out on the rest of us. “Lighten up, Francis.” Or, rule #9.

  21. …rogbie…i’m shocked, amigo…

    …that would be rule#5, not rule#9…

    …chopper sez “harden the fuck up”…

    …@ ‘e’ & ‘teo’…you guys certainly know how to read a buncha shit into things because you don’t like or are uncomfortable with the responses that come up, huh ???…

    …suggestion #1 – don’t extrapolate…suggestion #2 – harden the fuck up…suggestion #3 – face reality, this ain’t a ‘mensa’ meeting…

  22. …@ ‘e’…btw, i stand by my original comment which in retrospect is pretty straightforward…“…live & learn, dumbfuck…it’s called physics…”

    …no connotation of enjoyment at the plight or misfortune of others, whatsoever…maybe you could simply call my response ‘advice’, ya ???…

  23. …careful, hurben…gnomer sounds like he’s in the mood to kick a few kitties n’ piss on a few turtles…

  24. Holy shitski.

    A few someone’s on this site need to take a fuckin’ pill. It’s a valid vid that shows not every jump is nailed like most vids show. Sometimes you land wrong and get hurt.

    And the racial angle someone brought up was totally un-necessary.

    Now if the vid had been a turtle landing bad and breaking something, then we’d have problems.

  25. nyhc00, I’m pretty sure backroadbandit was making light of the ridiculous number of letters/emails every bike magazine gets a rider is pictured filling up their water bottle w/out a helmet on. He’s broken a few bones on a bike that a helmet would not have saved (my personal fav. being the collarbone in the bar ditch…)

    Oh, and I hope LA shakes his career around like a sack of jello when it breaks :)

  26. I need people too push way outside the limits. That kid is testing parts for me. The parts that are not breaking are the parts that will get me home everyday. There is no one here to come save my ass when I break a crank spindle or pedal or anything else that means a serious long day of walking home. Sucks he got hurt doing it but he knew what was coming, guts or glory.

    Keep going big so I can keep pedaling home.

  27. @27 Joetheelectrician said: So give us a vid of a white rider eating shit. We’ll make hate-filled posts on him until the cows come home, I’ll tell you what.

    That’s right Joe! And in order to make the data support your argument, you should go right now to the post about Wouter Weylandt’s fatal crash at http://drunkcyclist.com/2011/05/09/wouter-weylandt-fatally-injured-in-crash/ and start posting about how he DIDN’T UNDERSTAND PHYSICS or he wouldn’t have fallen off his bike! What a fuckstick!! What a dumbass! Thank goodness he can’t reproduce now!

    Too bad he hadn’t read BGW’s insightful and educational posts about physics or maybe he would still be alive today! What an IDIOT!!

    Wait a second . . . actually, BGW, your comment on that post is that his death was sad but sometimes those things happen when we embrace life fully. How come Wouter Weylandt was embracing life fully but the kid above is, in your words, a “dumbfuck” who doesn’t understand physics?

    This whole thing has me scratching my head now over who the dumbfucks are.

  28. E I think you fail to see the gray area. Probability and Judgement. Who here has never been godsmacked? I know Jens Voigt has.

    Wheyland went down in similar judgement. He wasn’t trying to huck the peleton.

    Perhaps Tyrell was a genious, but his judgement in this instance seems grossly inaccurate. That’s the difference. Those of you pulling a race (or socioeconomic) correlation into this, are bumming it out.

    Thanks a lot, Jerks.

  29. …@‘e’…the more you try & intellectualize your argument, the more you come off looking like a fucking moron…

    …i’m sure you’ll now get demonstrably upset with my assessment but amigo, your argument is getting sadder by the minute…you, not i, just trivialized the death of a cyclist…

    …( please note – i didn’t call you a moron, i’m simply suggesting your great potential )…

  30. I suppose after a night of working in a 110 degree kitchen, then drinking 4 Happy Campers, my numbers shifted four the the right. It happens. However, the point made it across, so, semantics win again!

    Sheesh, why is it when people get called out on their BS they just keep reiterating the same points and pounding the keys harder (the internet equivalent of fingers in ears and yelling “la la la”)?

    No one was pointing and laughing at this guy breaking his leg. At least, not until the person who decries such actions brought it up. Doesn’t that seem to imply some interesting things?

  31. @52 rogbie says “No one was pointing and laughing at this guy for breaking his leg”

    @2 says “dumbass”
    @4 says “HAHA”
    @7 says “What a fuckstick…too bad he didn’t hit his nuts and save the World from his progeny!”
    @9 says “…live & learn, dumbfuck…it’s called physics…”
    @10 says ““Stupidity should be painful”
    @11 says “the stupid is strong with that one.”
    @14 says “That’s what I call “job security.””
    @16 says “he is [an] IDIOT.”

    This has been a public service from the DC Community Liason in Quality Control in Comments Department. Keep it classy folks.

  32. While you guys were continuing your pissing match here, I was out riding. I hope you had fun, my ride was outstanding. That said, I was slightly bummed not to see any unicorns or rainbows, let alone both at the same time. (That would have been cool.)

    Now that I’m starting to get my drink on, I want to learn how to harden the f*ck up. Can anyone help?

  33. I just got done rolling 2.5 hours of FLG Singletrack. Heck yea, here’s to summer. As I was out, I remembered Tyrrell. I remembered to keep my shit in check so as not to take a hit like Lance Armstrong’s career. I’d like to thank judi for posting this vid in order to remind me of my mortality.

  34. Don’t be more upset about the guy with the broken leg than the guy with the broken leg seems like appropriate guidance here.

  35. I think the fact that “E” brought the death of a cyclist into the argument is because he is a necrofeliac and dead people turn him on. He also must be mad that the incredibly intelligent fellow whose leg was broke above didnt knock off also bc yuh know what they say.. smart ones are better lovers.

    You’re a creep and you disgust me. How could you bring such disgusting connotations to the beauty of this web site.

  36. Summer? Really? You mean days when it gets above 60 degrees F? No. You’re joshing. Don’t be cruel.

  37. …mikey…rained earlier today down here so you know that means more snow in tahoe…

    …when you head to sacto for the ‘rex ride’, ya might wanna bring your skis…

    …summer ???…we’ve been teased with it here, but it definitely hasn’t hit yet…too much back n’ forth…

  38. …speaking of ‘rainbows & unicorns’, i’m getting a pair of those ‘sock guy’ sox for my acupuncturist…seems appropriate & she deserves ’em…

  39. …bikesgonewild’s anguished ’60 seconds’ confession: like tyler, i have to get this off my chest…

    …years ago, i used to help with groundskeeping once a week at a particular waterfront property…cut the lawns, clip the hedges, shrubs n’ vines, trim the trees & yes, clean up after the three large tortoises the owner kept…

    …simple enough part of the job, just get out the hoses, move the patio furniture around & wash down the concrete slabs & dirt areas, ya ???…

    …well, i’ll tell ya…turtle shit…those stinky fucking turtles constantly shit, everywhere, anywhere, on every square inch of patio, in their shelters & they did it all the time…

    …plus, i could never understand the fascination of having a beautiful waterfront view that always stunk when you stepped out to appreciate it…

    …so, bottom line…I AM NOT ENAMORED OF TURTLES…there, i said it…i don’t hate ’em but I DON’T LOVE TURTLES & i certainly don’t have that cutsey turtle viewpoint that dominates these august pages…

    …& “turtle fan forum” ???…ya, well, maybe not so fucking much…

    …true story, just sayin’…

  40. @bgw


    You, Sir, are a piece of work.

    Never change.

  41. @BGW Since I’ve been behaving myself lately on these forums and NOT posting any digusting comments ’cause I don’t wanna piss off Gnome, I’m long overdue.

    When you’re stuck with lemons make lemonade. Likewise, if you’re cleaning up turtle turds, make appetizers. Always look on the bright side of life. Whether they are Fresh, frozen, dried in the hot sun, turtle turds are delicious. My favorite is turd covered in dark chocolate. Yummmm

    Or if you’re not feeling a bit peckish, make a poo stick. Beats a shotgun any day.


  42. …sorry, guys…turtle shit = loose, wet, slimy spougge…

    …sticks not applicable…

  43. Ever run a lawnmower in really tall grass and hit a turtle? Ain’t purty, I’ll tell you what.

  44. “suck a mile of rainbow and puppy dog cock”

    holy. fuck. ing. laugh-out-loud Magic.

    Gnome, someday I’ll buy you beers.

  45. @Kark,

    Please be on time for these discussions, we’ve moved on & good on Gnome.

  46. sorry Hurben, pesky little thing called ‘life’ was getting in the way of timely internetting but I’m good now.

    tho, I’d suggest, and I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s never too late to offer compliment.

  47. that clip made my bones sweat. my aorta vomicked. whiny clip hating bitches should just keep browser jamming on pbs.org. lessons ern’t taught around here.