Stolen De Rosa Primato

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I haven’t been riding much these last few years while I toiled away in mid-pack, law school obscurity (some things never change). But, when I did get out on two wheels, it was often with John. He is also known as zMud. He is a big fan of steel road bikes, De Rosa’s in particular. He spends half the year in Michigan, and the other half here in Phoenix. He rides a ton.

Last Thursday, May 19, someone stole one of his bikes.

From: zMud
Johnny, my white Primato was stolen out of my garage when I went into the house for a few minutes, if you can spread the word, I’d sure appreciate it.

There are no serial numbers that mean anything. The best bet is just putting pics out there.

Reward, of course.


Feel free to post any information regarding this theft in the comments section.

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The man, the legend. The guy who started it all back in the Year of Our Lord Beer, 2000, with a couple of pages worth of idiotic ranting hardcoded on some random porn site that would host anything you uploaded, a book called HTML for Dummies (which was completely appropriate), a bad attitude (which hasn’t much changed), and a Dell desktop running Win95 with 64 mgs of ram and a six gig hard drive. Those were the days. Then he went to law school. Go figure. Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

9 Replies to “Stolen De Rosa Primato”

  1. Thanks Jonny.

    The was taken out of my garage where I was wrenching. I came into the house for a minute. Gone in 60 seconds, as they say. I believe the thief was blond, about 30-35 YO, wavy hair, about 6′ tall. The bike will be small for him. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt at the time of the theft.

    The theft happened near 40th St and Thunderbird

    Details on the bike:

    54cm frame, flat fork crown, Columbus EL OS tubing, rose decal on rear of seat tube.

    Campy Centaur carbon Ergo’s and RD, Record Compact, black Ultegra pedals that I just put on. Centaur skeleton calipers.

    Regal saddle, Garmin stem mount and cadence sensor attached to rt chainstay. Nitto bottle cages, the nice ones (arghhh)

    Cinelli bars and stem, Campy Neutron wheels, Conti 4000’s, Campy aero seatpost

    The bike is what De Rosa called a Mica White. It is a pearl finish that has green and pink undertones in it. It was the bike I was riding when I first met Big Jonny and Bacardi Marty, and a favorite. I searched daily for years before I found one in my size and pristine condition.

    Any help is much appreciated. I doubt there is another like it in AZ.

    The Phx PD case # is: 2011-00853983, phone 602-262-6151.

    Detailed pictures at link:

    Thanks all.

    Oh, and fuck bike thieves.

  2. zMud,

    Fuck them bike thieves. Good meeting you amigo, we’ve got a picture posted in the shop now, and when we catch the little peanut who nstole it, I promise we will freeze his balls andsave em for you. Enjoy Michigan my friend.


  3. …zmud…it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans but i can’t sit here & read about your loss without offering a little moral support…

    …amigo, i hope you get that beauty back…dunno what else to say but i hope it gets back to you soon & i hope the small minded dipshit who took advantage of the situation learns the hard way, somewhere down the line, that that’s not the way to go through life…

    …i’ll leave it at that…

  4. I think we should start setting up sting operations to catch bike thieves. My bike was stolen in March and the police did almost nothing to help. Initially they weren’t even going to assign a detective. I kindly pointed out to them that the value of the bike was more than $1000, so it was considered a felony. They begrudgingly assigned a detective, but she was worthless.

    Anyway, good luck with the bike. I had a bike stolen in 2005 (in San Diego) and got it back 8 months later after seeing the guy with it.

  5. Eyes on the ground are the best bet.

    Once again, thanks to Big Jonny for highlighting this. If this is recovered, there will be one hell of a celebration, and everyone is invited, especially the DC folks.

    BTW, Jonny is one hell of a nice guy, for those who haven’t met him, even if he is an almost lawyer.

  6. The prevalence of bicycle theft and the useless-ness of the Police in countering this trend is further evidence that we need something better in place to deal with bike thefts.
    If any crime ‘shocks the conscience of the public’ it is bike theft. What other crime is so wrong that it evokes emotions of wanting to kill or maim in retaliation for losing a bike in this manner.
    Why is it that tax payers cover the salaries of federal agents whose job it is to make sure that alcohol merchants are following all the rules, and tobacco merchants are paying their 4x tax without a hitch… where are the Bicycle Marshalls investigating thefts of bikes, or the Bounty Hunters out to find those bikes that are indeed a FELONY to lift?
    Nope, the priorities of the local gov are in making sure that you’re not pooping in a bucket, that you’re using a $15 septic system, or that you aren’t using last year’s wiring codes to build your shack. They will send someone down a long dirt road to confront you for making that 2′ extension onto your porch without asking the County first… but where are the government agents checking that suspicious situation with the bike? It’s another sad factor of our society’s lack of appreciation or support for the cyclist – as we are a joke to the people that run things, as they believe that we all should own and drive cars, use their public transportation – but the bike?
    The bike rider is beset on all sides by life and death challenges, and if she loses her bike, it’s gone… disappeared into a black market that the powers at be have placed zero priority on curbing.
    That’s why we need a force of investigators, even if it is a privately sanctioned force, with a mission to put a severe dent in the theft problem of a person’s most important device: Their bicycle.

  7. Not much bicycle theft in this stagnant little cesspool of inbreeding. Vandalism, however…

  8. “If any crime ’shocks the conscience of the public’ it is bike theft. What other crime is so wrong that it evokes emotions of wanting to kill or maim in retaliation for losing a bike in this manner.”

    I actually gagged when I read this. You need serious fucking help.


    @zMud. Sorry you lost your ride. Best of luck getting it back.

  9. This bike is still missing, and I have to believe it’s being ridden in PHX. Keep your eyes open, please.