Chad Beyer is a god damn Baller

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Arizona native Chad Beyer is toeing the line at the Giro this year.

A lot of us in the DC family knew this guy when he was a kid. Literally. I met him when he was twelve. We’ve been hyping a bit over the years as his pro career progressed. He took the Green Jersey at the 2010 Tour de Romandie, where he was also second in the mountains competition. Yeah, that was a big deal. Snake got a photo of my fat ass riding next to him on the Shootout last summer (me @ 205 lbs., him 140?). Dude’s got a wiki page too.

I can hardly find the words to describe how proud of him I am.

There is a word for this.  And that word is Baller.
There is a word for this. And that word is Baller.

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You can follow Chad on twitter here:!/thachad.

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3 Replies to “Chad Beyer is a god damn Baller”

  1. The kid is living the dream.

    Good on him.

    @bj. That pic of you next to him is priceless tho. The size of your ass stuns me more than the Grand Canyon did.

    The pic of your nut sack would be more like staring in to the Sun.

    Good luck to the kid. Me and you are pretty much fucked.

  2. It is awesome to see him come so far, still remember him on the ATM rides with his dad followinging in the car, little bastard was undroppable at 16. Go Chad!