Can a Brother Get a Table Dance?

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Dear Gang,

ask gnome how his sunday went. make him tell. he is in a head bracket of kings that rule national. phx as phk. get it, guy. props are due.

(sorry, there was nowhere to leave this as a comment so i used my posting powers to my advantage.)

Dear Gnome,

i peeped your fly honda element today at the grocery store. where in sweet texas do you keep 15 motherfucking cats?

honda feral cat


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19 Replies to “Can a Brother Get a Table Dance?”

  1. I saw a sticker in a back window like that today…it had a dad, mom, and two kids, and they were all hanging from nooses. Under it, the caption read “Fuck Your Family.” I laughed my ass off.

  2. …we gotta make the gnomer ‘squeal’ on his “…a sunday in heck…”

    …the man ‘roger de vlaeminck’-ed the day & we lost the thread due to the potholes & the angst…

    …give us the goods, amigo…

  3. did that Element have Nevada plates on it? I mean, that could splain it right quick. Always thinkin, that’s my motto.

  4. …so…even sadder is the fact that i wondered if two of the cats were manx’s or if it was just a funky applique job…

  5. Pineapple, thank you for asking. On Sunday (saturday, actually), I realized a dream that had pestered in my grape for 12 years by winning the Squealer. Dirty Biker posted a good soul report on the gig just a bit ago, and as I said in a quote there, it’s a big thing and too many words still don’t sum it up. It’s kind of like riding a unicorn and watching the movie How Stella got her Grove Back at the same time.

  6. THAT’S where the 15th cat is, it’s lurking in LJ’s pothole !!

    Thanks for clearing that up tippycup

  7. Here to help, gonna go write some tickets now. The Sgt. is all up in my shit for numbers..

  8. I drive an Element. Best car ever. And I gots me three kitty-kitties. I’d have more, but Mrs. Joe done drawn the line.

    I got too many bikes too. And not enough time to ride.

    And vodka. Lots of vodka.

  9. The theme of today’s ride was long-haired cats sitting on posts. Who the fuck put all those long-haired cats on all those fucking posts? Damn. Today’s high temp. was 51 degrees, I feel like a popsicle.

  10. I feel like a dumbass. I always thought those decals were a confirmed kill list.

    Live and learn.