The other side of the coin

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In response to Judi’s last post regarding the inequality and piss poor payouts that female racers endure and are subjected to, I came across the following little gem. I don’t know if this if truth, fact or fiction, but it caused me to do a double take. File this one under WTF??? While some complain that women receive unfair treatment, there are those who feel that men are getting the short end of the stick.

Apparently, some total douche named Harry Grouch Crouch, President of NAMBLA, oops I meant NCFM, caught wind that Sea Otter organizers were going to hold a Ladies Day. How dare the folks at Sea Otter show some respect for the ladies! If it’s one thing I can’t stand it’s shit like Ladies Night at my favorite watering hole. Because I’ll be damned if some place tries to get a bunch of ladies in there when I really enjoy a good old sausage fest. (SATIRE)

The Sea Otter Classic had scheduled a series of activities, free to ladies, with the aim to promote women’s and girls’ involvement in the sport. Those activities included a ladies-only road ride, a mountain bike skills clinic, women’s bike fit seminar, bike maintenance and cleaning seminar, nutrition seminar, women by design panel session, wine and chocolate reception and a raffle drawing.

Crouch took issue with the fact that the event would be charging men for something women received for free and with the help of his lawyers, showed how it was a violation of several California laws, and Monterey County’s The Herald then published an article on the topic.

“Mr. Crouch started making comments to us about a month ago. I suspect his organization has a ‘Google Alerts’ (or something similar) set up for Ladies Day, Ladies Night, Ladies Specials, etc.,” explained Sea Otter President and CEO Frank Yohannan to Cyclingnews.

So, while Harry Crouch is off in search of the next glory hole at a highway rest area nearest you, be sure to read the rest of this story over at CyclingNews.

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23 Replies to “The other side of the coin”

  1. flo, 40 hands sent me that article this morning. made me so mad i actually had no words. low brow will have some words tho, im sure. just wait till the filming starts on her documentary.

  2. Yeah, had a good time reading that this morning. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I had no idea there was a Coalition for Men. I just don’t know what to say… and that’s a rare thing.

  3. Sounds like Harry Crotch needs to shave it bald, lube it up and loosen up. WTF? I had no idea an organization like NCFM existed and that they appear to essentially ambulance chase “ladies nights” as they limit the ability for men to have real feelings. They claim to go back to ’77. Blows me away…

  4. …whats saddest about this shit may be the fact that this dickwad, harry grouch & his fucking organization are ‘selling’ (read justifying) their actions by saying they’re really doing the sea otter folks a favor so they won’t get fined for breaking a california law…

    …there’s a california law , you sad little prick, only because people like you lobbied for it, grouch…

    …too bad for you, grouch…with no balls & that tiny little dick, you prob’ly could a’ ridden for free on ‘ladies day’

  5. A Real Man Gets In Touch With His Inner Feelings— so he can properly suppress them.

  6. Crouch threatened action under the UNRUH Act.

    Read about it here:

    Generally, the Act protects against intentional discrimination where it can be shown to be unreasonable, arbitrary, or invidious. That, of course, gets all twisted around into things bordering on stupid. See http:/

    But then, sometimes, the clear-headed among us prevail. See Cohn v. Corinthian Colleges (

  7. Got to be honest guys/girls.

    If someone tried this shit in NZ/OZ they’d be laughed out of the building.

  8. Democracy: allowing nutjobs everywhere to expose themselves as the nutjobs they truly are.

  9. Dear Mr. Crouch

    Please stop using our oxygen, you vacuous, limp dicked, douche-nozzle.

    The Human Race

  10. We have discovered a new species, “Doucheus Maximus” that is only loosely related to homo sapiens.

  11. BGW, I love that I can rely on you to get me completely laughing my head off. You got some good ones, for sure. Now I have to clean the sprayed coffee off my keyboard, thank you.

  12. Generally, when a dude tries to shoehorn into the womens’ ride he is referred to as a tool. Somehow I think this guy is “on the other side of the coin” (your words, not mine), which begs the question, what the hell is this guy’s motivation?

  13. …low brow…i start with a base stock of reality, mix & simmer a dose of anger (i always have more cooking on the back burner), add a spicy shot of vitriol, a soupçon of humor if it adds to the broth & if i’m lucky, i’ve served up food for thought…

    …what i cook up is usually strong flavored & generally not very subtle but i enjoy dishing it out…

    …here in “the big kitchen”

  14. …& low brow…i should mention that while at times i do concoct “…food for thought”, there are times when that is nothing but a ‘recipe for disaster’

    … just sayin’…

  15. Bikemonkey has been doing equal payouts for awhile now.

    Pro Men and Women — $1,100 Purse, 10 Places Deep

    That is the payout list for their Annadel race in Santa Rosa, CA on 6/5.
    You ride the same course, you train just ass hard, you get the same coin…

  16. Fdub + 1: “You ride the same course, you train just ass hard, you get the same coin…”

    Ass hard? Germans? Go with it, he’s rolling.