Gent – Wevelgem 2011

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I have a rather sickly two year old at home (some vomiting yesterday & last night, but better this morning), so I was unable to sit in front of a computer to watch any of Gent – Wevelgem. That’s the way life goes sometimes, you know. It’s OK. I’d rather have a healthy kid on Monday morning, when I actually need to leave the house, than have gobs of spare time in which to drool on my keyboard on a Sunday.

Whit over at has a nice little chat thing going for the Classics. I’ve been logging in over there and knocking it around with the boys for a few races, and it’s been fun. Check it out if you are interested.

So, yeah, the one I didn’t watch is the one Tom “Tommeke Sniffel” Boonen wins. Go figure.

Full report here:

Looks like Boom Boom has some form. Good. I was in fear the awe inspiring power C-Store displayed yesterday – who among mere mortals could possibly match such power?  

“This race used to be a big goal for me each season but then year after year I focused more and more on the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix. But I’m proud to have won it because it wasn’t an easy day for me.” Boonen explained.

. . .

“It’s true that I’d have preferred to ride the E3 Prijs Vlaanderen – Harelbeke but my team wanted me to ride here. I under stand [sic] the reasons and know that the team’s interests are more important than mine. Thanks to this success our team has scored some important ranking points.”

“Fabian won on Saturday and is in great shape but I’ve won today and my form is getting better and better after being illness slowed me before Milan-San Remo. I’m ready for the Tour of Flanders.”

With these two performances in different races on back to back days, who between Cancallara and Boonen is the favorite for the Tour of Flanders?  Unibet has Cancellara, Boonen & Gilbert for their top three Flanders picks. I’m leaning toward Boonen, for no good reason other than I have one of his jerseys framed on my wall. I expect a lot of fireworks.

Bottom line; Flanders and Roubaix are going to be completely 100% awesome – if Boonen can somehow manage to keep his face out of a dinner plate full of coke between tonight and next weekend.

There are songs about his drug use. Really.

The Jenser – Tommeke’s Line
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14 Replies to “Gent – Wevelgem 2011”

  1. Boonen. Out there, slaying it. I am loving this Spring Classic season so far. Next week, going to get even better. Flanders? I can hardly freakin’ wait.

  2. …gotta admit i haven’t been a big fan of the ‘cocaine cowboy’ the last few years but even i can appreciate seeing tommy b pick up this win…

    …things are looking good with de ronde & paris – roubaix coming up…the major hitters are comin’ up big & it ain’t nothin’ but serious ass bike racing goin’ on…

  3. When do we start getting our yearly group of folks who say things like, “This year is Hincapie’s year in PR! Oh man, he’s rolling good…”

    Don’t get me wrong, I love George, and think he is a super classy guy, and a nice guy. Is he going to win? I don’t think so, but if he does, I will be supremely happy for that dude. He deserves it.

  4. I believe the beset years of Gorgeous George are past. I can’t see him doing anything of note for the rest of this month save finish in the bunch.

    I would like to be proven wrong about that.

  5. DH – Remember when you found the white SoCal sunglasses a couple years back on Snowbowl road? You had a nice Hincapie look to your kit that season, that was a good look.

  6. i disagree. I felt it was my responsibility to front such a ground-score, but let’s be real. them coolers held me up as a soCal damnBra retard. I have no regrets in the attempt however. hincapie will always be prettier than I. I’ll have to search out a pic of brutal truth. small men and big Oaks do not werk.

  7. Yeeyaaaaa boi!!!!

    And I got the Cocaine Boom Box for Paris-Roubaix. His form is on the up & up. C-store is trying to hang on to early form. He’s gonna get pimped.

  8. Ah, you think the wave crested too soon for C-Store? Could be, could be. All I know is next weekend is going to be awesome. Lots of new talent too. That Farrar, he’s going to win one of these Classics. And soon.

  9. …okay, fuck ricco’…gnomer-san looks way cooler in his whites than ricco does in his…

    …c-store/big oil has got a massive storage tank & while i’m bettin’ it’s a long way from running low, he’s also got a week to top it off…& a history of knowing how to do just that…

  10. C-store is gonna win. How can’t you win with a motor in your bike. HAHAHA. I wanna see Boonen put some hurt on people but I think C-store has got a little more form.