Gent – Wevelgem 2011 finale

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After watching that video this evening during a well deserved study break, I have three things to say: Ian Stannard’s late lone bid was gritty (caught at 150 meters!), Gert Steegman is a monster, and Tom Boonen showed them all.

Update: Stannard knows what the wind feels like. He is without fear.

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4 Replies to “Gent – Wevelgem 2011 finale”

  1. Awesome to see Tom win something it has been awhile. That accident at the end another photographer gets in the line. That sucks.

  2. Impressive win for Boonen.

    You’d think that after busting your balls for 219km and then laying it all out in the sprint, a photographer would get the fuck out of your way. I feel bad for the two who went down because of that fucktard.

  3. not to forget that, a la Cancellara in Harelbeke, Tommeke had his own mechanical difficulties: he was stood on the side of the road for 1:30 waiting for a bike change and had to use up quite a bit of energy to get back to the peloton. Chavanel and Van Impe were beasts for QuickStep on the day too.

    thought Farrar did well considering he had no teammates in the finale. the Belgians are waiting for him to win one; he’s a bit of a favourites of theirs considering he lives in Ghent and does his best to speak Flemish.

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