Confusing the Seasons

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Well well well. I haven’t done much on this site since Old Pueblo except write some innocuous comments on random posts and piss off at least one lady who commented that she’d never read this site again. It’s probably for the best, ma’am. Really.

I asked the Gnome if it would be cool if I led off my post with something non-cycling related, and he said it was cool, so I will. You can skip this part if you’d rather see pics of bikes below.

The non-cycling stuff:

I published my novel. Finally.

Fine Fiction from D2
Fine Fiction from D2

If you are interested in reading about it, or if you want to purchase a copy, go to If you become a fan of me on facebook, you can get a code for $1.25 off the cover price.

This is the culmination of a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice it to say I got tired of hearing how agents loved it but didn’t think they could sell it, so I’m selling it. Fuck the system. Help a starving artist get some bread. It’s a damn good book and I’m proud of it. Tell everyone you know.

Okay, onto bike things.

Sedona was prime for the ridin’ on Saturday. Temps in the 70s, so D2 went out for a solo go on Mezcal and Aerie trails. These may be my new favorite trails in Sedona. Rolly, sometimes technical, mostly just fun, a good loop for sure.

The Gunnar Abides.
The Gunnar Abides.

This was my first ride since Old Pueblo. Did a bit of skiing in the meantime, and surprisingly enough, I felt pretty good. I was a bit worried because I was having some knee issues after my last lap at Old Pueblo, so I tried out the ol’ knee brace, which didn’t work for shit. My knee felt good though, so crisis averted.

And I have to say, I owe it to someone on this site, though I can’t remember who. A few months ago I said I needed a new pair of bibs and someone recommended Hammer Nutrition’s bibs. So I ordered them. Hands down the best bibs I’ve owned. I wore them at OP and was comfy-tainted the entire time. I’m a fan of Hammer’s nutrition stuff as well, so I didn’t mind the massive logos, but if you’re not into advertising for some company, these may not be the shorts for you. I recommend them anyway.

The day after my ride, I encountered a strange site that I had actually seen once before in Flagstaff:

Flagstaff has wiener problems.
Flagstaff has wiener problems.

My wife’s reaction to this rare sight?

“That thing probably gets terrible gas mileage.”

I would put my left nut on loan to joyride that bastard through town just once. I hate Oscar Meyer products, and I’m not wild about stupid, useless, gas-powered vehicles, but this one is different. God knows why. I’d drive that shit through every tunnel I could find.

Alright, just one more sweet Sedona pic to rub it in all yer faces as you shovel snow or get drenched in the pissing rain. This one courtesy of Matt P. from a ride about a month ago.

D2 riding anchor.
D2 riding anchor.

Notice the Hammer shorts. Most comfortable taint in Sedona.

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About D2

I am a writer and a photographer. I never killed a man in Reno, but I once rode a bike through a casino in Vegas. Bikes are cool, huevos rancheros are for breakfast, whiskey is for dinner. Denver, Colorado, USA

25 Replies to “Confusing the Seasons”

  1. Weinermobile runs a stock car-spec Cadillac 6 liter V8 and has turned laps at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in excess of 110 MPH. And you could stop by the turn four infield and pick up like eight half-drunk hotties. Put that in your Civic Si and suck it.

    The skiing has been exceptional this year.

  2. According to their site, Hammer bibs are made by Bergamo. If one wanted a logo-free pair it shouldn’t be too hard to track down a retailer that carries Bergamo clothing.

  3. “confusing the seasons”…tell ya what, amigo, i’ll be in touch…

    …i just read the the first 48 or so pages that you posted on your site & ya, it’s a damn fine slice of ‘americana’ & an engaging read…it obviously is a labor of love…i can see how it’s “…the culmination of a lot of blood, sweat, and tears…”

    …i can’t afford shit right now ‘cuz this economy is fucking killing me but i feel the need to afford myself the pleasure of being one small cog in supporting not just a man who’s willing to put his own “…blood, sweat & tears…” on the line doing what he believes in, but the whole creative process…

    …i enjoy this site on a daily basis (mostly, hah !!!), it’s a kinda on-line family thingy & you’re a contributor, d2, so, ya, i’ll be in touch soon…gotta be an autographed copy though, ya ???…

  4. @ Trevor. I don’t know why they say Bergamo but have Voler logos. If they are Voler, I can confirm that they are the awesome. has them in other colors and designs.

  5. The ones i bought are Voler, not Bergamo.

    Can’t beat them at the price Hammer is offering.

  6. Thanks to this line ‘I’d drive that shit through every tunnel I could find.’ I’ll be cleaning milk and fruit loops out of my computer till the day she kicks the bucket.

  7. Well, I can’t exactly reuse your positive review “Most comfortable taint in Sedona”, but thanks for the good plug.

    Phil (Hammer Media Guy)

  8. Phil, sometimes you gotta get dirty to be honest…

    Use it at a board meeting and see what kind of feedback you get. Ha!

  9. …this is for all you ‘wienermobile’ fans out there & you know who you are…

    …your version has been updated senor mikey…here are the stats…

    …oscar mayer had a contest back in 2004 which drew over 15,000 entries wherein folks could get to drive the wienermobile for a day…

    …& d2…don’t give up that left nut…they use EVERYTHING in hot dogs…& ya, i’m not an oscar mayer eater but for some reason, i’ve always wanted to drive one of those things, of which there are currently seven in various parts of the country, myself…

    …just doggin’ it…

  10. This is drunkcyclist-dot-com. Not “I wrote some faggot-ass book that no-one will publish” dot-com.

    Not “I saw the Oscar Meyer Wiener mobile” dot-com



  11. Hey Bikepunk,

    At least he’s got pictures of bikes and shit from Sedona along with the other stuff.
    You’re the one who put a video of a fat dude fucking a fat chick with seizure-inducing strobe lights on here.
    WTF dude? It’s DC. Everything goes.

    Ease off. Dude wrote a fucking book. You can talk shit after you write your first novel.

  12. Thanks, Turkey. I appreciate the props.

    But I think Bikepunk is upset because I made a pretty nasty comment in another thread that led to a DC blogger to leave the site.

    I can dish it out, and I’ll take it because I probably earned bikepunk’s comment. That being said, I agree with you and hope you’ll read my book. Hehe…

  13. Good on you D2, except the ‘HeHe’ is a little gay.

    (NOT that there’s anything wrong with that yada, yada…)

    Bikepunk is exactly right,

    This is “drunkcyclist-dot-com”!!

    NOT “I-am a-whiny-bitch-expousing-a-30-year-out-of-date-attitude-while-hiding behind-the anonomity-that-the-internet-grants-me-and-therefore-I-will-attack-whatever-is-put-on-this-site-without-fear-dot-com”

    Oh Shit!!

    Sorry bikepunk, did I type that out loud ?

    Take care out there folks :)

  14. D2 got what I was saying, that’s all that matters.

    For those who don’t (or can’t be arsed to read what he said a few lines up…) it basically means

    YOUR Blood, Sweat, Tears and what-have-you don’t always mean shit to other people. Even so, try to be considerate.

    D2, good on you. I’ve considered approaching Chronicle Books for a photo book for years. Maybe it’s time.

  15. …achtung, amigo !!!…i remember all of us locals getting misty eyed n’ congratulatory about what a stud a certain ‘dad’ was when he was showing off his new kid awhile back…

    …i believe that kid was birthed, not bought at a bike store, ya ???…

    …personally, i think it’s fucking awesome that d2 not only wrote & published his own book when the big greedy publishing houses wouldn’t step up to the plate, so as part of the dc on-line family, i can’t think of a better place to start informing the world…

    …d2 & i have already talked & i’ve got my credit card/check/money order in my hot little hand waiting for for my autographed copy…

    …seems somebody’s snackin’ on sourkraut while they’re drivin’ their personal little ‘wienermobile‘ down the autobahn…

    …nur sagen…

  16. BP: go for it. Don’t wait for the publishers. Get your shit out there. The publishing world has changed so much that so many people are becoming successful without them. I’m tired of waiting for them, and my book’s been selling pretty well so far, so it has been a nice middle finger to the establishment.

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