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I’m probably off the back on this one too, but I’m going to share it anyway. Great insight into life in the caravan and how to remain cool, calm and collected as you wait for your bike change.

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8 Replies to “PRO”

  1. I thought it was against the rules to wait to exchange bikes. Wasn’t Levi or someone on Discovery or Postal penalized a few seconds some time over something during the Tour de France a few years back?

  2. Levi dropped his chain on a decent in the 2007 tour
    Received a bike change and they faked out a seat adjustment while johan punched it
    Then swapped bikes again with another high speed skitch to get him back to the peleton

    This video is pro…just like the cancellara swap last year at flanders

  3. @MM…

    After one race in the car, it’s not all that great or fun. It’s cool to see what actually goes on in the caravan, but after a while you’ve “been there done that”.

  4. Some people ride bikes. Some people work for a living. Which group really makes your life better?