The Need for Tweed

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Our good friends over at T.B.A.G. are putting on a fine little group ride this Friday. I would highly recommend this if you are in the greater Phoenix area. They are hitting up some quality establishments with some good distances between them. I won’t be there since i am committed to another little ride this weekend.  But something tells me that they might be having a little bit more fun than me at 2am Sunday morning. If anybody heads out there and represents DC, don’t forget to throw up some pics on our new Facebook page.


Tempe Bicycle Action Group will host a Social gathering of Cyclists this Third Friday, the 18th of February .

Don your most dapper casuals for the return of the Tweed Ride, an Evening Adventure. Especially those of you who are stuck in town while your significant other races mountain bikes in the desert in the dark this weekend; dress up like a 19th century dandy and come get drunk with us.

The meeting place will be Tempe Beach Park at Rio Salado & Mill Avenue at 7:30pm. We’ll have a wee tour of Mill Ave and begin our evening at Robbie Fox’s Public House. Robbie & Mike have offered draughts to our group at a Dollar off.

From there we’ll turn our wheels t’ward Boulders On Broadway, one of Tempe’s most bicycle-friendly restaurants where will also enjoy special pricing on the finest ales.

Then, for those brave and bold, a fair steeple-chase to South Scottsdale where we shall arrive at last upon the British Open Pub for a discounted pint and a basket of English Wallys. Of course, there may be unofficial stops as the night goes on. Come ride with us as long as you please.

Proper attire is most important; may we suggest your favorite woolens – skirts, capes, and shawls for the ladies and jackets, vests, caps, and of course knickers for the gents. Wearing cute short homecoming dresses can pass as well.

So buff your leather, brush your corduroy, and hitch your chequered stockings… but remember TWEED is KING!

You can check out the Facebook event and follow along on T.B.A.G.’s Twitter

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9 Replies to “The Need for Tweed”

  1. A few months ago when I went on my first, and so far the last (sadly) point 83 ride in Seattle, there was one of those tweed heads in the pack and he was most versed in bike dork-ness, great to talk to, and he even had a bike that was pre 1970 and English. In the northwest, though, we wear wool because it’s warm, not because it’s some hipster thing that all the cool kids are doing. (of course)

  2. Tweed Head. +1.

    with “They are hitting up some quality establishments with some good distances between them. ” does that mean I should bib up? And if I puke myself, am I out of the club?

  3. Haha, I think you’ll survive the 5 miles between Boulders and British Open. We may even make an unofficial stop along Mill somewhere.

  4. I will be out of town this weekend, so I’ll miss this edition. One of these times I am going to get my tweed on good and proper. And, yes, I’ve got the bike(s) for it. Oh hell yeah I do.

    The need for tweed, indeed.

  5. Awesome, we’d love to have you come out and ride with us sometime, maybe we can actually get Dirty to come out on the ride portion too. We usually find him at one of the bars along the way. We do a bar hop in Tempe on the third friday of every month. Some of the rides have a theme: tweed, zombie, festivus, tour de dive etc. but most months it’s just a chill bar hop around town.

    Tweed Ride was awesome by the way, had over 30 people all decked out. Check out some pics here: