I would have to believe this is stepping it up…

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And this last week I found a application that you can hook up to your flickr account and take all your images and put it into a crazy warp speed slideshow- have to show it off.

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12 thoughts on “I would have to believe this is stepping it up…

  1. i loved that bmx video. we are headed to rays tomorrow. and all i kept saying to dominic was “can you do that?”

  2. If that’s what you see right before your time in this life comes to an end, then I’d call that a life well lived.

  3. f yeah on both videos!!! The flickr app would be a funny one to inject subliminal messages in.

  4. @ tippycup, that rad you saw those. I use to live in Tacoma and I’d ride Skookum Flats, Ranger Creek and Suntop. Riding all three in one day is a good day of climbing. You live in a good zone!

    @nyhc00, I’ll have to do some research to see how I can influence some people thru subliminal messaging. Maybe get people to pick their nose more in public.

    @saupak, thats a good way at looking at it. I started posting on flickr 6yrs ago when I moved to Spokane and it has felt pretty action packed.

  5. @judi, I am sure you guys are gonna have a lot of fun at Ray’s. I bet Dom rolls his eyes when you keep asking him if he knows this trick and that trick.

  6. I saw the pics flash by and Im up there so much I had to double take! I live in Buckley, ride and train with the Iddings wrecking crew. The triple crown of climbing is definitly a good day!!