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31 Replies to “It really can be this easy…”

  1. I think an alternate, non-douchey ending to this would be:

    “Man, I’m so sorry. I was riding like an idiot into traffic on the busy city street and could have killed you. Please don’t hate all cyclists forever because I had my head up my ass this one time”.

  2. Why the hell is this asshat riding the wrong way up the street while video taping himself riding up a one way street?

    Is it for his sweet urban velo hipster youtube channel or something?

  3. i’ve seen a longer version of that vid. the douchebag rider is actually playing with his phone just before impact.

    it’s cause of dickheads like him people in Boston hate cyclists.

  4. Please, please tell us that you are posting this not as a good thing, but as an example of a douche move. Was the guy jaywalking. Sure. But you also don’t expect to get hit by a twat cyclist going the wrong way.

    The cyclist here is a tool. This is why people hate cyclists. Asshats like this.

  5. …let’s get it straight…

    …yes the cyclist is a douche, a twat, an asshat & a tool…yes, he’s riding the wrong way up a one way street & not paying attention because he’s fiddling with his phone/camera, but…

    …the disgusting thing here is the sense of “entitlement” that he projects when realizing he’s in the wrong, yet as the pedestrian apologizes to him, he seizes on it, as if he’s the one in the superior position…

    …the good-natured pedestrian undoubtedly walked away thinking – “lesson learned, don’t jaywalk without paying serious attention ‘cuz it’s dangerous”

    …the egotistical cyclist prob’ly rode away thinking – “got one over on that dude…i fucked up but he apologized to me…that’s fucking righteous !!!”

    …doubt he really learned anything…

  6. Dumb ass on two wheels; gets defensive right away when the ped says he’s going the wrong way. I would have raged on the rider; especially since he’s playing with gizmos.

  7. This kind of riding is the kind of shit that has made many of us end up on the hood of cars. I don’t think it’s awesome. I think it sucks.

  8. I agree, he was likely taping for his “epic ride video”. Complete with him doing some skids at the end. Gets the ladies outta their skinny jeans every time. Awwwyyyeeeah.

  9. you guys are fucking killing me. There was a accident and it was resolved with no violence or screaming at each other. You guys are more pissed off then the fucking people that had the accident!

  10. …that, caveman, is because most of us realize that ultimate consequences run deeper than individual situations…

    …just sayin’…

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  12. @ caveman: They didn’t have a shouting match but I’ll bet both of them were feeling that for a day or two after.
    I’m just picturing the ped trying to tie his tie the next morning in the mirror and not being able to tie a proper winsor knot, limping into the office because of the giant bruise on his thigh, and getting fired because the TPS reports he was carrying to human resources went flying when he got hit and never made it to human resources.
    “Fucking cyclists. I’ll kill every last one”.

  13. Not pissed, just frustrated sometimes — one guy making a bad choice like riding the wrong way on a super busy street results in a pedestrian with at least some sort of skwewed notion of what cyclists in his city are about.

    Glad that they both handled it in a calm enough way, but wondering… if that guy has even one more experience like that, how likely he is to “share the road” and give space and respect to the next cyclist he sees when he is behind the wheel of a car?

    Same reason I don’t really dig Critical Mass. At least around here, it often showcases cyclists behaving like idiots (or just lacking group riding etiquette) and often doing stuff that is antagonistic to motorists. Hence, you have a very visible group of cyclists who make it much harder for the rest of the cycling community because their behavior reflects on all of us, and makes life just that much harder when we’re on the road.

  14. I agree with all of you that think this guy is a jackass for going down the wrong way and making cycling look bad- I guess I should have made that clear from the starting.

  15. And this “cyclist” really show his remorse by then posting this video of his stupidity online. But hey, gotta get that 15 minutes somehow I guess.

  16. blackjack +3
    Dude’s a total douchebag. Head is up ass big time. No excuses. The Law’s the Law.

  17. Tough week in the comment section, eh Cavey? Don’t sweat it. It’s been a tough patch for a lot of us. We’ll get past it.

    As for the vid, I think it’s pretty funny. Two dudes fuck up, get up, and get on with their lives.

    But, to be clear, as I must as I can be anyway, riding the wrong way is straight up asking for it. Dude is lucky it was just some pedestrian. Could have been a delivery guy with a big ‘ol hand cart. That woulda’ fucked up Christmas, hitting that thing. Damn.

  18. @Evil_Bumpkin, fuck yeah. And fuck Radioshack.

    Lampre is baller. Always has been and always will be. Fondriest, Simoni, Ballan, Cunego, Petacchi. Yeah. Nine miles of win right there.


    That kit is full-on recognizable. Immediately. By teammates, competitors, fans, television viewers. Everyone knows what that is. Brand recognition. Clarity as to source.

    They’re running some kind of popularity contest over there with that shit. If that’s the way you want it, fine. What has the Shack done? Where is their palmarès? Looks a little thin from where I’m standing.

  19. You got it Big Jonny, cyclingnews.com just lost some (more) of their credibility. I guess that’s happens when ya sell out to the man.

    One of my fav’s of late is BMC. I like the red and black design they came up with. It makes me think of the red and black Lotto kit from ages ago that I really liked a lot.

  20. Clip was AWESOME, dude takes NHL-bodycheck and gets back up quick, rider was jackassing the etiquette/rules but the short conversation was hilarious.. ped was one tough dude, took it all well.