Hangover helper

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Since most of the country is going to be hung over today, I thought that I would drop a link dump and some stuff from my inbox.

First I will hit you with a good little song about a bicycle curing a hangover.

Then you can watch this clinic on how to go really fast. Pause for a second…

Now making fun of hipsters and crazy dictators is always fun. Thats where Hipster Hitler comes in. It’s getting so easy to poke fun at the little guys in the tight jeans that sometimes you accidentaly end up with something really good. Like this little video reminding you that bikes are awesome at every age. This lady should really learn that lesson and chill out a little. Nobody likes an angry cougar.

One of the few things make me tingle more than a sexy cougar is setting off fireworks. Much to my delight, some are now legal in Arizona. Now that is real freedom. You can keep your legalized pot, I just want to blow shit up. Plus this means it is less stuff I have to sneak back home when I go on trips to Mexico.

I got an email the other day from SteveZ of the Stomparillaz crew showing me how they handle winter Colorado style. They don’t SMX but they do get down with some fat tires:

Hope you had an awesome Christmas with lots of bikes, beer and stompin’! Here’s a shot of me headed up Sunlight Mountain from last week.  As you can see, there is a gnarly-ass 80/100 R21 moto tire on the back of the Pugsley, my little way of saying I need more traction…


He then informed me that they they will be down in full force for Old Pueblers in February. It’s going to be one hell of a good time. You should probably be there too.

I had a picture come across my phone from my homeboy AsianBob. Seems he got his SASE back and decided to celebrate. This kid is the real deal. Full throttle.  Hide your women.


Where are you guys putting those stickers we sent you? Lets see it!

keep it dirty…

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20 Replies to “Hangover helper”

  1. My sticker is on my chain stay. The “there will be beer” stickers were slapped on my brother’s bike. He’s in colllege – it’s fitting.

  2. life is always better when you can blow shit up…..its the the American way! God bless all the DC family….life is rich when you got the road under your feet!

  3. Still waiting for stickers, getting a new bike and a new patrol car,,git those sumbitches in the mail already..

  4. Regarding the vid – girls is nuts. The type of person one should avoid. Drama queen. She actually said “my leg is broken.”


  5. that probably makes me an a-hole… but I wouldn’t have said “sorry” that many times. hahaha

  6. Jotheelectrician,,ya patrol like cop but only state troop, Not your typical i guess! Fuck em’ I ride race used to drink.

  7. …tippy cup…you moving from a vic to a charger ???…hopefully not the new bow-tie or blue oval products ‘cuz those are gonna need a few years to sort themselves out…besides, a charger pursuit is about as badazz looking as cop ride gets…

    …relax, joetheelectrician …nobody’s askin’ you to stand on one leg or count backwards…yet…don’t give ’em “…probable cause…”

    …just sayin’…

  8. Shit, I would have said sorry MAYBE once just because it sucks when someone falls, but that was her fault all the way.

    And seriously, if you are wearing full armor and you are DH mountain biking, you should expect to get some bumps and bruises. As they say, harden the fuck up.

  9. bgw, the “stand on one leg” parlor trick would be a joke, depending on how long I had been driving. Sitting behind the wheel for extended periods tears me right up, what with my arthritis-ravaged spine. Sometimes it takes me awhile just to stand up straight.

    And the gag where they make you follow the pen without moving your head? No go, due to a congenital eye condition. All that’s designed more to entertain the piggy-piggies anyway, and that ain’t my job.

    No worries though. I have an iron-clad rule about drinking and driving. I will not do it. I will lush around the house or Mrs. Joe, a teatotaler, will drive. So if Barney Fife pulls me over and decides to get cute, I simply demand a blood test or a breathalyzer. Fuck the useless cocksucker if he has to put his donut down for a minute.

  10. fuck that drama queen. what the fuck did she stop for anyway? her fault; leave her there & get on with your day.

    ‘there will be beer’ is on my snowboard, pics of the others will have to wait ’till i’m back from switzerland.

    they should be worthy.

  11. …don’t worry, joe, nobody said “book ’em, danno”

    …& your iron-clad rule is a good one…still too many folks selfishly thinkin’ they can get away with it ‘cuz when they’re toasted they’re only concern is themselves & not the lives of those around them…“fuck that shit, i’m fine…i can fuckin’ drive !!!”

    …& speaking of selfish – re: whiny bikebabe…now you know, baby, what happens when you don’t pay attention to your surroundings…slow & pull over, don’t stop in the middle of an obviously well used trail…

    …the guy was particularly effusive with his apologies but he forgot to inform the chick that she could have used a little trail etiquette herself…

    …guess she’s used to falling down, anyway, being all ‘kitted up’ like a downhiller…

  12. Ain’t worried, bgw. Just sayin’. Made me laugh just thinking aboot it, eh.

    And yeah, Pinkie definately needs to get acquainted with rule #5.

  13. Fuck yeah! Stomparillaz at Old Puelbo, thats a time to be had. See you there.