And those would be some very big balls

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From: Pépin
Subject: Gelgian artist
What about this belgian artist named ARNO ?

His meeting with Eddy on stage here:

YouTube Preview Image

Translation: “I’m the first guy that ever touched Eddy MERCKX’s balls!”

I saw him a few weeks ago. A really great moment.
His music here:

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The man, the legend. The guy who started it all back in the Year of Our Lord Beer, 2000, with a couple of pages worth of idiotic ranting hardcoded on some random porn site that would host anything you uploaded, a book called HTML for Dummies (which was completely appropriate), a bad attitude (which hasn’t much changed), and a Dell desktop running Win95 with 64 mgs of ram and a six gig hard drive. Those were the days. Then he went to law school. Go figure. Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

7 Replies to “And those would be some very big balls”

  1. …diggin’ his music, pepin…merci pour le lien, d’un ami…

    …oddball but awesome…

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