My buddy Joe “Danger” Perrizo

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I’ve been photographing Joe pretty much since I moved to Spokane 6 yrs ago. He’s one of a kind when it comes to personality and one hell of bike ninja. I have some random video footage that I put into a silly trailer and want to show some of his skillz off.

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11 thoughts on “My buddy Joe “Danger” Perrizo

  1. Miyagi thought he ran pretty tight dojo. Miyagi wrong. Miyagi see video and must admit he not know shit. Wax on, wax off.

  2. Hey Caveman what do you use to film. I was thinking about to start getting into it.

  3. I’ve seen this guy in some vids on PB. Great style and skills. I’m off the replicate.

    Please add a disclaimer: “Do attempt this at home.”

  4. I’ve been fighting the pull of Spokane ever since my wife and I left 7.5 years ago. It’s on the list for possible relocation next summer and this video makes the prospect hurt a little less.