snow night ride sesh on the mini bike…

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Getting ready for a night ride in the snow- killing some time while the lights charge. Its a pretty fun bike to ride when its running right.


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I am... Caveman. Spokane, Washington, USA

27 Replies to “snow night ride sesh on the mini bike…”

  1. …btw…would it be ‘insensitive’ of me to ask how you came to have that hefty appendage laying around the house ???…

  2. @bikegonewild, ive got a box of dildo in in my garage. they are fun for dog toys. It’s so fucking funny seeing a dog running around the yard with a dick in its mouth. I was gonna plant a dildo garden but dont have enough yet.

  3. “bobby, your mother & i don’t think it’s a good idea if you visit mr caveman anymore when he’s working in his garage, okay ???…we know you like bicycles & mr caveman’s little motorbike, bobby but that chew toy mr caveman gave your new puppy wasn’t very nice”…

    …”never mind, bobby…just listen to what your mother & i are saying, dammit !!!”

  4. how come i havent noticed the “double ended dong” hanging off the bumper until now? dominic just told me what it was.

  5. @snake, how the fuck am i supposed to know what that is? i haven’t seen a sex toy since i worked in the industry.

    @caveman, explain why you even have a double ended dong please! do you really have a box of them in the garage?

  6. yes, I have a box of cocks in my garage waiting to be used on something. I have seriously been wanting to plant a dildo garden- very low maintenance and so many great colors. I had about 20 or so of them until this weekend, they seemed to fall off the bike and end up lost in the dark on my road. One of my friends text me the next morning saying there was a brown dick laying in the road, that shit made me laugh. Went down to pick it up but someone got it before me. ha

  7. Long story, but i’m a firm believer in, one should always have a double headed dildo around just in case you need it. Cause if you need it, and you don’t have it, you will never forgive yourself!
    Chew on that…thought that is.

  8. I nominate Caveman lead moto for SSWC ’11. Now go find some guy with a dually that has the rest of the package hanging from his hitch and tie that bitch on.