Welcome to Tucson, indeed.

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This one got forwarded to me last week. I hadn’t had a chance to post it up till now.

Subject: FW: STOLEN BIKE – Downtown Tucson – Watch the Video!!

My stepdaughter Rachel’s bike was locked up in front of the Pennington St. garage and was stolen in broad daylight.

The surveillance video is 3 minutes and 20 seconds long. Please watch it!

– Not much happens until 1 minute 45 seconds – the sawing of the lock begins.

– At 2 minutes 5 seconds a TUCSON POLICE DEPT SQUAD CAR CRUISES BY!!!

– At 3 minutes 10 seconds her racing bike is GONE.

Welcome to Tucson, Rachel.

Oh, this just hurts to watch.

YouTube Preview Image

More info at tucsonvelo.com/news/tucson-bike-theft-caught-on-video-police-drive-by-as-it-happens, and tucsonvelo.com/stolen-bikes/stolen-bike-custom-red-gilmour.

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13 Replies to “Welcome to Tucson, indeed.”

  1. Fuck sharia law and fuck them (preferably with a pig’s dick) that would bring it where it ain’t wanted.

    And goldie, does that mean mountain bikes only belong on mountains? Dutch bikes only belong on mountains? Recumbents only-well nevermind that, but you get my point.

    “Shouldn’t ride a race bike anywhere but races.” Stupidest. Comment. Ever.

  2. That’s shitty. From someone that is taking a break to visit Tucson from what was the second coldest place on the planet yesterday, I’ll keep my bike close by. I was there in April two years ago and loved the place. Pretty psyched to go back.

  3. …they deserve some good ol’ serious “don’t steal bikes, bro” justice ladled out…the kind that would make ’em think about it the next time they get the urge…

    ‘career criminals’ get caught, jailed n’ bailed & go right back to doing the same ol’ same ol’…i’d suggest sometimes a little ‘incentive’ from concerned citizens is applicable…
    …& while i’m bettin’ i’m gonna take ‘a ration’ for even suggesting some vigilante justice, whadda ya got that actually works ???…

    …what the fuck, goldie…“that” is your honest-to-god assessment when you watch someone’s bike, any kind of bike get stolen ???…we, as serious cyclist’s might be more vigilant but the average joe buys a bike & a lock & has no idea what they’re up against…

  4. Bike theft sucks, I never lock up a nice bike anywhere. A small piece of advice is never take a nice bike to run errands. Best to get single speed cruiser/liquor store bike. A bike that if got stolen you would be bummed but not devastated.

    Did you notice that there was no interest in the blue bike in the same rack. Exactly!!

  5. “A small piece of advice is never take a nice bike to run errands” – that is exactly what Goldie was trying to say so chill.

    Bike thieves suck. Hope you get it back. There is always a chance.

  6. I’m pretty sure Goldie was trying to make a douchie comment. Succeeded beyond the most optimistic projections.

  7. Fuck I use that rack several times a week, and I love all my bikes too much to be callous about them. Also, owing to my love and devotion, all my bikes look valuable and precious (I’m sure of it).

    Here’s the thing about that rack: there’s a great lunch place and coffee place just down the street that despite all my vociferous and in fact rude if not downright quarrelsome complaining, has still neglected to install bike racks in front of their otherwise reliable and noble businesses. And there’s nowhere else to lock up anywhere nearby other than the subject of the above video.

  8. Well E, in this stagnant little cesspool of inbreeding there are bikeracks all along Main Street. To a point. See, we sit astride two major bike routes; the C&O Canal and the Western Maryland Railtrail. So of course the local yokel businesses want folks to ride the bikepath and spend money at their clip joints.

    But the main grocery store is less than a mile away. The proprietor, who wouldn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of if his Mom hadn’t have run the place while his Dad was out whoring around, has turned a deaf ear to my request for a bike rack for at least five years. But everyone drives a car to the grocery store. At least normal people do. Ask anyone, they’ll tell you. Why do you want to ride a bicycle anyway? Are you some kind of retard?

    God, I hate this town. If I ever win the lottery I’ll buy a nuke from the Russians or whoever, round up the dozen or so who haven’t pissed me off, plus my wife, move them to safety and set ‘er off. Then we can come back and build it right.

  9. Hardened steel locks can’t be hack-sawed.
    TPD must be too busy looking for Mexicans without [proper papers].

  10. My guess is this guy will be back to this bike rack, and has visited it before. Keep an eye out, he and his partner will turn up. As for the police drive-by: if the cop was even looking, it probably looked like someone unlocking a bike. My guess is, the cop never saw a thing.