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16 Replies to “Todd Wells is no longer in show room condition”

  1. The barriers were huge this weekend and very tightly spaced. Props to those jumping them but there were only a few. Talked to Adam Craig and he said he stopped jumping them once he saw Wells nearly break his leg.

  2. Those aren’t cowbells you hear. Those are the little birds flying around his head, a la Bugs Bunny. That, my friends, was a shunt!

  3. I got a chance to see Wells score the National Champ in Baltimore back in 2001 bunny hopping barriers. My buddy finished DFL, last guy not to get pulled in that race. Seems like the same cast of characters still at the front after all these years. I can’t believe an AZ boy can stand that cold, musta lived up in the Flagg. See ya next year Todd, probably near the front again too.

  4. There’s a guy who races in the Cross Crusade series in a BMX bike (yup, the little 20-incher) and regularly hops the barriers. Barrier-hopping is definitely not for the faint of heart.

  5. “The first US Cross Championships were held in Berkeley, California’s Tilden Park in 1975 and were won by Laurence Malone who retained the crown until 1980 when Joe Ryan (Velo Club Tamalpais) won. In 1977, Laurence had the best-yet American finish in the World Championships, and wowed the crowd by bunny-hopping the barriers, a stunt they hadn’t seen before. They dubbed him the American Kangaroo.”

    …this is from article by jim langley (ex-‘bicycle magazine’ tech editor) about early american ‘cross racing, particularly how it established itself here in nor-cal…


    …the full article is a good read but the pictures @ the end are amazing considering what ‘cross has evolved into on these shores…