The kids are all right

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From: Brad M.
Subject: Bluefield, VA Police Reports
Can you believe this shit? Kids on bicycles were reported for ‘riding in the street’! Damn those kids, I guess some vandalizing wasn’t getting done with those pesky kids were just out riding their bikes.

Btw, you have not seen backwoods ass, redneck hillbilly folk until you’ve stayed a few days in this shithole. 36 people, 7 teeth……the Applebees has PBR and Natty Light draft, son if that tells you anything.

Asa Lama Lakem.

Bluefield, VA Police Reports

When I read a news summation like that, I have to wonder if there was more to the story. And, if there was more, what was it and how could it possibly explain what I’m reading. “Oh hell, kids on bikes!?! We better get Sheriff Rosco Coltrane & Officer J.W. Murray Jr. on this immediately! This will not stand, sir! This will not stand!”

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7 Replies to “The kids are all right”

  1. It just ocurred to me-Nothing has been said about the age of these “kids”. They could have been three years old with no apparent adult supervison on the scene. It could have been a fairly busy road with heavy/highspeed traffic. It that case a concerned citizen’s concern would have been plenty justified. Barring that, anything that has been/will be said about busybodies and Barney Fifes is more than justified.

  2. Some dickhead in CT is trying to sue the family of the boy he killed while drunk driving. He hit the kid while the 14 year old was riding his bike.

    The killer, who is in jail for manslaughter, is trying to sue the family for letting the kid ride his bike in the street.

    I don’t use this word often, but what a fucking cunt.

  3. @D2: It will be interesting to see how that one unfolds. Buried in the article that I saw about it was a claim that the kid was playing in the driveway and rode out across the street. Everyone’s knee seems to jerk one way or the other when they see “bike” and “street” in the same sentence, but just because bikes belong on the road doesn’t make the road a playground.