whiskey will make you do dumb things…

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…like this post. I am doing this since Little Jar told me that I shouldn’t post images of whiskey unopened.


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22 Replies to “whiskey will make you do dumb things…”

  1. Alls I knows is, if booze made ya smarter I’d have a Mensa ring for every finger and every toe.

  2. Eh.

    Leopard mitten ?

    10 bucks he slaps lipstick on it and takes it to bed.

    Not that I know anything about that.

    Just saying…

  3. TripleF, My kitty use to play with the leopard mitten but she got eaten by coyotes. If you want, you can take her place. You might like playing with it as much as my kitty. just saying…

  4. You let your kitty get eaten by coyotes ?

    A real man would have killed them and used the fur to make oven mitts.

    Just saying…

  5. As Judi & Sherri said, Damn awesome photos.

    The Motocross one took me right back to my roots.

    You Rock !!

  6. Half a bottle of rum has made me less than a rocket surgeon tonight.

    What? Too soon?