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12 Replies to “R.I.P., Neil Alan Smith”

  1. Yeah, that’s pretty sad. Good article about an ordinary man who didn’t deserve to die like that. Cars suck and thos who drive them wrecklessly do too.

  2. A touching and well written eulogy for a man that the writer had never met. The sign of a skilled writer, and a guy with a sense of class.


  3. …you’re quite right, o’grady…that was a nice eulogy for a man who liked to fly under the radar by keeping his head down & finding satisfaction in simple things…


  4. Very, very sad. It’s guys like that that live a life where the expectations are low but the stress is likewise… you expect people like that to be pedaling along the same road every day like clockwork.
    The asshole that said he deserved to die because he was a 48 year old dishwasher sounds like a real shitty person – but he probably has a lot of money and a nice car so he’s well stocked with fake friends. The dishwasher gets and keeps real friends which are worth more than all the gold that a fucking evil asshole can steal in his overpaid job.
    Just remember that your anonymous rotten comment hurts you more than it hurts anyone else, whether directed toward living or deceased.
    Be GOOD TO EACH OTHER and spread decency. Least you can do.

  5. Oi.

    Don’t go money.

    I’ve met quality rich people.

    And I’ve met quality poor people.

    And for every rich prick there’s a poor crackhead counter balancing him out.

  6. Am I wrong in thinking if a person hit and run’s another with a car, they shouldn’t have a license for the rest of their days? Seems to me a nationwide law stating such would send a message to people and maybe this shit would stop. Oh, and if you kill them as a result of a hit and run, you get life in prison. Humanity would benefit. Am I missing anything?

  7. Hope he is able to haunt the hell out of the bastards that made shitty comments and the POS that took his life.