Moose Cross

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Got this gem in the inbox from my buddy Bergy down in Victor, ID:

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Yo Andrew,
What up dude?  Find your fixie girl yet?
Thanks for help with the PR.
October 2+3

I’ll know in a day or two for sure, but this year we are hoping to re-route part of the course around the brewery.  Think beer tent. Fingers crossed.  I told them that you stopped mid race for a beer last year.  They loved that.

Word came through from the good folks over at Grand Teton Brewing Company will be providing the beer tent.  I’ve been a part of the Moose Cross experience for the past two years, and it’s a great time.  Bergy, Fitzy, and the rest of the cycling gang over in Victor know how to put on an event.  Go ahead and shuffle your life schedule so you can make out for Moose Cross, you wont regret it.

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About 40 Hands

A fan of riding bikes with one gear, malt liquor, riding without knowing how many miles I’ve covered, and strip clubs that let you bring your own keg. I typically have a stupid grin on my face, it is because deep down I know that no matter what, my mom thinks I’m cool. Denver, Colorado, USA

3 Replies to “Moose Cross”

  1. I’ll bet that is a cool event, hope it’s not too mo-flavored, ya gotta watch out for them in southeast Idaho…