We Got a Spot Waiting for Frishy too

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With the recent news of Schleck and O’Grady getting the boot from the Veulta for getting their drink on, I came across this gem of a photo from this past weekend’s World Championships at Mount Saint Anne.

Picture 3

Photo by Tom Moran on Singletrack

The race organizers up in Canada, were smart enough to put on a “Short-Track of Legends” Race.  You may have heard some of the names of folks who toed the line.  Overend, Rockwell, Pezzo, Frishy, Herbold, and Donavon just to name a few.  Frishy shows why he can do what he wants when it comes to riding a mountain bike.  I could care less about the amount of beer in the cup, drinking during a race speaks volumes about a man, especially a man who has earned his own world championship jersey.  So the same way that Schleck and O’Grady have an open invitation to join mish mosh of folks fly the DC Flag at races, Frishy you are welcome too, whenever you want.

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17 Replies to “We Got a Spot Waiting for Frishy too”

  1. Shit, son. Joetheelocutioner, I call you out to the Halloween ride in Northern California. We explore the legal and medical boundaries of your aforementioned prevarication. I bet Frishy would pound his twelver all at once, then leave us in the dust wondering why our va j j’s hurt so bad as we attempt to redeem ourselves.

    Halloween night.
    full costume mandatory
    no lights allowed
    twelver on yer back
    Forest Service lookout climb/descent

    email for directions

  2. Any chance Roland Green was in that one? What happened to that dude? Meanwhile, “Cheers” to Frishy.

  3. Rockwell went to the clink for growing bud, but didn’t spend a whole lot of time there. He did an interview in DirtRag back in 2005, where I’m pretty sure he said that was in the county jail, but allowed to leave during the day to work, then come back to his cell at night. I guess now he just helps his new sugarmomma get onto the podium at worlds.

  4. ‘roids on the German d00d, ya think? You can practically see the frame flexing as he works up and down on those 190mm (prob’ly) cranks to hold the track stand.

  5. …michael huebner, born in chemnitz, EAST germany in 1959…

    …as an amateur he won 1 gold, 2 silvers & 2 bronzes in sprint world championships…as a pro, he won 6 golds, 4 silvers & a bronze in both sprint & keirin world championships…

    …hmmm, mikey…what cha’ think ???…

  6. I believe the cranks are more like 165cm, but… 1990 leads me to conclude dope. It just does. So many top riders from that era were utilizing illegal methods that it became a matter of course that one would participate in order to compete. And, if you were winning in a heavily doped sport, it would be very unlikely that you yourself were not also doping.

  7. …perhaps add to that, gianni, that while the berlin wall came down in 1989, previous to that the east germans in particular ran ‘sports/ athletics facilities’ wherein kids were tested for any athletic prowess from an early age & whether it was really their interest or not, they were channeled into that sport so that the “german democratic republik” could produce champions…

    …while they may have had certain advantages through food & living conditions, they were also “test subjects”…but the old ‘carrot/stick’ incentive policy would have led to continued involvement…

    …the ‘gdr’ sports programs were also essentially scientific research centers for the soviets sports machine…

    …& it wasn’t just about cycling…look at the eventual controversy over the ‘women’ swimmers they were churning out…in the beginning those kids would have had no idea what they were really being given when they “took their vitamins”

    …but in cycling, michael huebner, jan ullrich & plenty of other came through that system as kids…