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7 Replies to “Vuelta highlights”

  1. well this is bullshit “This video contains content from sportsnetwork, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

  2. For sure-thanks Barry. :-) My complaint was more geared toward copyright stupidity on youtube than anything else.

  3. Anyone else getting tired of seeing Tommy D not live up to the hype?? I love that guy and damn I want to see him win a grand tour but christ if he does not find a way to lay an egg….

  4. @HUMPTY: Every time I see Danielson get his ass kicked, I can’t help think about how if he was in a sport like running or triathlon, where he didn’t have to deal with riding in a pack, he would be a legend by now. He seems like a nice guy, and he’s an absolute freak of nature, but he just can’t ride a bike in traffic.

  5. Danielson is not willing to die on his bike , he is no Chris Horner who dies and dies again and fights like hell in the grand tours . I guess what i’m sayin is he is a pussy . Hes like VDV a little . Doesn’t go all in !