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10 Replies to “American Farrar wins Vuelta Stage 5”

  1. So, are we to infer that Cavendish was the second best sprinter in the world on Thursday?

    Go, Tyler.

  2. I love the split up and come together. There’s probably a Spanish name for that part of the road. At the end, all that soft pedaling didn’t give ‘dish the strength to win, and I’m happy Farrar got it.
    …at the bottom of the window, a little ad:
    “Book Lance Armstrong for your next corporate event.” I’ve been neutral man on Lance and held back on dogging him, but…
    Could a man be possibly more fucking sold out than that?

  3. “Could a man be possibly more fucking sold out than that?”

    The question should be: How many athletes (on the same level as LA) do you know of that aren’t sell outs?

  4. …can you say “bruce jenner”…i believe that sez more about “sellout” than most all of ’em combined…

    …no matter how some folks view the lance-ster, ain’t nobody reps a cause or puts a bigger face on it than senor armstrong…fact…

  5. “Tyler refuses to take the bait and diss Cav.”

    He is a class act…he realizes Cav has kicked his can over and over again…how can he diss Cav at this point of the season?

  6. Farrar has been known to “throw the horns” when crossing a line first. That alone makes me like him.