Girl on girl MTB race

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JB MTB race 020

Once again this is not going to be like Dirty Biker’s 24 hour solo MTB race but Judi’s VERY FIRST MTB race. Yes, somehow I got roped into doing the John Bryan 6 hour as a female/female team with a rippin’ fast CX racer chickie, Nancy. I figured it’d be good for CX practice at the very least. We agreed to go into it just for fun and to get the hell off the road for a minute (cuz like Gnome says, road racing really does eat your soul).

The trails I’ve been riding here in Cincinnati are all hella technical, rooty, rocky, and hilly. I’ve been wishing for some smooth fast singletrack to ride and John Bryan trails did not disappoint! It was pretty much this for 13 miles.

JB MTB race 031

After a Le Mans start, Nancy was off for the first lap. Dominic and I had basically just arrived at the race and I hardly had time to get registered, let alone be ready to ride, so she agreed to do the first lap. Plus isn’t it smarter to let the faster rider of the team go first?

The fastest guys were doing the loops in 53+ minutes. The fastest SS time was 55+ I think. Nancy came flying in at 1:02 or something.

JB MTB race 027

Then it was my turn. I was riding the course blind (as usual). The trail was super sweet, twisty turney, dry, and FLAT as all hell. Rippin’ fast. Well, not me so much, but all the people passing me were sure going fast. I bet I was the only one riding rigid too. Everybody had a little bounce going on except me. I took all the ramps but I lost my chain 5 fucking times on that first lap and bit the dust once. I came in at 1:20 or something way slow like that. Dominic was helping everyone with mechanicals so I waited my turn for him to do something about the chain.

Nancy went off for lap #3 and I just hung out chillin’ with my dirt friends while Dominic did tricks for the kids on his flatland bike. An hour went by a little too fast and I missed Nancy when she came in. She screamed for me and I rode over to start my lap but she yelled back that she was going to do another lap.

Damn. I missed my turn. Really? I was bummed. I was antsy waiting for my turn. The next hour went by slow. I was at the transition like a half hour early because by god I did not want to fuck up again and miss my turn. I forgot how competitive Nancy was. Wait wait wait. Then finally it was my turn to ride.

My 2nd lap was much much better than my first and I was flowing real well. I really wanted to make the cut off so Nancy could do another lap. I only dropped my chain 3xs on that lap and no crashing, so I was able to take 5 minutes off my lap time. With two minutes to go I came in just in time for Nancy to do a 4th lap.

Nancy did 4 laps to my 2. I felt pretty bad about it but hey, we had fun. In fact, I think this was one of the funnest times I have ever had on my bike.

Nancy made our “jerseys”. You like?

JB MTB race 033

We came in 2nd out of four female/female teams. Podium! And pint glasses for a prize!

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Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

13 Replies to “Girl on girl MTB race”

  1. J

    nice work! a podium is a podium anyway you slice it! (i pulled a 3rd out of 3 single speeders in a local cx a few yrs ago. i still talk that shit up). in the pic of your bike, i didnt see a front shifter; are you running a single chainring? if so, have Dom bolt on a old front derailleur. it should help your dropped chain syndrome.

    keep it rollin’ girl!

  2. Racing. If you are having fun doing it, then it’s worth it. If it’s no fun, you better be getting paid or it’s not worth it.
    I love seeing people like you out there doing it for the fun and esprit de corps of it all.

  3. It’s my personal belief that you will be better served in the soul department if you keep it on the dirty tangent. That road bullshit, I suffered through years of it, and it only made me worse as a person. Full of contempt. Full of anger. I think that’s what it takes to win for a lot of people. Even look at Armstrong in his days; he was full of the same.

    We’re not pro’s. We’re not paid. It must be fun, and personally fullfilling. Yet, the very premise of road racing is counter productive to fun. Thus, the mountain is where it’s at. It’s a personal effort there.

    Nice work with your homegirl Judi. Keep it roll’n like dat.

  4. Judi,

    Looks like you had a wicked fun time. Congrats on that.


    I Googled that ride and came up with this:

    “Fund Raiser for the portajohn at MTB trailhead, John Bryan State Park”

    Uhmmmm…..I’ve been giggling like a skool girl since reading that.

    Holy fuck. A fund raiser for a toilet.

    I have officially seen it all. Just shoot me now.

  5. gnome, i totally agree. after one season of road racing, do you know how many times i came home from a race and dominic said “YOU ARE NOT RACING ANYMORE” cuz i was angry! and the EGO’s, MY FUCKING GOD! yes, MTB racers are way, way, nicer than roadies.

  6. Good job, Judi. You’ve managed to put just about all the negative experiences one can have in mountain bike racing into one event (multiple mechanicals & crashing), AND cap it off with a podium spot. Damn!

    You’re going to like the dirt. Save those crits for “training” (that’s all they are).

  7. I’m with ya there J. Not trying to take anything away. I just cracked up reading that.

    That is a sweet looking trail. And I would so do that ride with a great big shit eaten grin on my face thru every 13 mile loop.

  8. Way to rock it! Especially riding rigid—respect!

    Only bouncy-bounce I had were the 4″ tires on the Beast—plenty for the mellow goodness of John Bryan. But not tough enough to strut the podium like you wonderwomenz!

  9. My first MTB race (Adventure race actually), I face planted in the middle of a big old stream. In front of a crowd. I got you beat!

  10. @dylster! those are some fuckin’ RAD photos you got there on your site. i’d PAY for a print of those. sweet. i gotta give nancy all the credit for the podium shiz. she always has some whoopass going on in every race she does….