Is it getting hot in here?

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Federal prosecutors have intensified their criminal investigation of the cyclist Lance Armstrong since the end of the Tour de France last month. They questioned many of his former associates, including cyclists who have supported and detailed claims that Armstrong and his former United States Postal Service team participated in systematic doping, according to a cyclist who has been interviewed and two others privy to the inquiry.

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But now, prosecutors and investigators have more than Landis’s account to go on, according to the two people with knowledge of the investigation. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they did not want to jeopardize their access to sensitive information.

A former teammate of Armstrong said in a telephone interview Wednesday that he had spoken with investigators. He said he detailed some of his own drug use, as well as the widespread cheating that he said went on as part of the Postal Service team — all of which he said was done with Armstrong’s knowledge and encouragemen

Tick, tick, tick…

Riders have been compelled to come forward. Tyler Hamilton, who is serving an eight-year ban for using performance-enhancing drugs, has met with the grand jury, those who have been briefed on the case said. His lawyer, Chris Manderson, said that Hamilton had received a grand jury subpoena but did not say whether Hamilton had already provided testimony.

The grand jury is a powerful tool (see wiki.) Those that are compelled to appear before it will. And the questions asked of them will be answered. Lying to a grand jury is an extremely bad idea.

Cyclists called to meet with Novitzky or testify before the grand jury may run into their own problems if they don’t tell the truth and are later caught lying. In the Balco case, the sprinter Marion Jones received six months in prison, in part for lying to investigators about her use of performance-enhancing drugs. She had insisted for years that she was clean.

We are watching the end of an era.

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15 Replies to “Is it getting hot in here?”

  1. “Five pound blocks of cheese,
    bags of groceries.
    You better duck when the shit hits the fan”

  2. …well, well, well…

    …i was only getting bored when this looked like it was gonna remain a ‘back n’ forth’ two step…

    …but it’s starting to look like the steps are getting complicated & intricate…

    “welcome to the dance”

  3. If you lie to a grand jury you better have friends in really high places.

    I think I know who should play Tyler Hamilton when they make a movie about this – that dude who played Deuce Bigalo. It’s uncanny.

  4. Repoman seems so real, honest and historicaly correct compared to the Going Postal Service.

  5. boring… i just don’t care anymore…. professional athletes dope? fuck, there are twits here that dope just to win local crits.

  6. “boring… i just don’t care anymore…. professional athletes dope? fuck, there are twits here that dope just to win local crits.”

    I seen that as well…pathetic.

  7. Jesus doped… Be it with holy watchamightcallit or nameofthefatherthingy, but man, that walking on the water thing, can’t be done with a run of the mill vitamins…

  8. LA’s attorney laying it on thick:

    “We understand that riders may be being offered sweetheart deals to change testimony that they have given in the past, under oath,” Daly said. “The power of the federal government is being abused to pursue dated and discredited allegations, and that’s flat-out wrong, unethical, un-American, and a waste of taxpayer dollars.”

  9. I’m starting to dislike Lance’s lawyer more than I dislike Lance…. Spin spin spin…