Flash Mob

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I’ve never seen one of these in person, probably because I live in Phoenix. No one bothers. That’s not 100% true. The kids are trying. Youtube vids here and here. Still ain’t holding a candle to this classic: Hammer Time Mob Dance.

But this is a bike site. And bikes is what we do.

YouTube Preview Image

Via saccyclechic.com/2010/07/bike-flash-mob-brilliant. Check out that site for the rest of the goods too.

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8 Replies to “Flash Mob”

  1. That makes me want to ride my bicycle all the way to the city so I can blow up Broadway.


    The FBI doesn’t monitor this site do they ?

    Fuck !!!

    Pretend I didn’t say that.

  2. Makes me want to roll up with Uzis and cover “Another One Bites the Dust”.

    Not really.

    And if this video doen’t launch an acting career for that pretty and talented little girl, this world is fucked up worse than even I suspected.

  3. bj – saw that vid on FB last week – love those trials bikes. the hammer time video is my FAVORITE though esp the fat guy at :52 of that video…

  4. Not that I’m feeling petulant & ignored & stuff, but..

    I believe that I posted a link to that video on 17.07.2010 in the 2010 MTB National Champs post, but…

    Yeah, I’ll just slink back to being ignored…

    (oohh, Ellipses…)