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40 Replies to “I just like looking at the pictures….”

  1. Has the fat lady sung? Is she doped? Has she been tested? Is her hairdo UCI compliant?

  2. Lets be honest. They all dope. Every fucking one of them. They’re paid too! And most of us do it too. I use Hammer Gel. You use muscle milk. Oxygen cocktail. Carbo loading. A bunch of unnatural behavior. All that matters is where you draw the line, and it’s arbitrary where ever it’s drawn. Guess what? The playing field is level at the Tour and that’s what counts, right? If we don’t want our racers to dope, then let’s form a new federation, like clean body building. Ride Clean can be the first team to join. Till then, we all know they dope, we all know they’re not going to stop doping, so let’s just accept it and move on.

  3. I’ve been doping on the back porch with my father and my brother-in-law as the little ones nap upstairs and the weemins-folk shop at the outlets. 12 oz. cans of Yuengling lager will sooth the savage beast. Raining here in PA. Water actually falls out of the sky here. Seriously. We’re not in Arizona anymore, are we?

  4. bj – i was wondering how far east you guys were. aren’t you loving the humidity? i didn’t know you were from PA, btw. how the fuck did all you guys end up in AZ?

  5. Yuengling…mmmmmm. Tastes a even better when it can’t always be readily had. My stash is now down to 23 bottles with no resupply in sight. And one black and tan.

  6. Got three liquor store in walking distance with stacks of cases of the amber goodness. Two taverns and a first rate restaurant have it on tap, and are equally close. I don’t think I’ve ever been more than ten miles away from a bountiful supply. I just try not to take it for granted.

  7. …i’m getting so tired of the fucking love-fest between a.schleck & contador, friends or not…

    …brother frank needs to step in & slap some sense into the kid…

    …fuck me…39 seconds & you watch one of those versus race reviews & see how the spanish bitch stood up & nailed it when the kid had his chain problem…abso-fucking-lutely nailed it & then lied through his fucking teeth about it w/ “ohhh, i deedn’t know ‘e was ‘aving a problem…i simply be focused on my own riding”

    shut the fuck up, ‘berto

    harden the fuck up, andy…just harden the fuck up !!!

  8. The creepiest visual I have from this tour is when andy and conty finished the last mountain stage. The were congratulating each other then conty winked and patted andy on the cheek. WTF was that?

  9. What the fuck it was is a normal display of affection that we fucked up no-touchy Americans don’t do – in Spain and in France it is quite normal. They are a little more affectionate with each other, and we are so fucking disturbed because the only way we touch each other is if we have a sexual relationship with someone, everything else is not OK. I have a problem with this and I wish we were more like the Europeans in showing affection. You see parents being far more affectionate with their children and this means they grow up a little healthier than people that never get touched.
    That’s what the fuck that was, you narrow minded American.

  10. Littlejar has a point. ..at least makes a valid observation.

    not that I want you to touch me littlejar. keep yer hands to yourself you filthy brute.

  11. I should mention though in a nod to KGs comment that if Conty did that to me I’d have headbutted him..

  12. I don’t touch people, and I don’t get touched. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. This idea that only that ‘special someone’ can touch you… leads to a feast/famine set of circumstances and very highly imbalanced and not normal. One of many many things that add up to the most diseased nation in the developed world with the highest rate of perversion, obesity, and violent crime. It all comes down to too many people with unmet needs.

  13. Ricky Bobby: I will not shake your hand, but I will give you this
    [kisses Jean Girard]
    Jean Girard: You taste of America.
    Ricky Bobby: Thank you.

    I think that sums it up!

  14. …lj, i fully agree with the principal of what you’re saying because simple physical contact is healthy amongst humans & other mammals but (A) speak for yourself…i have a lotta contact w/ friends…it’s not just a sign of warmth & affection but trust as well…& (B) i agree with kg on that one…it was fucking creepy because tired or not, after that ‘big show’ of affection, the hug, the huge grin, the pat on the cheek & even the wink i can accept as all fine, but when contador turned away, the smile was completely off his face instantaneously…it was as if there was no joy in his heart whatsoever…

    …definitely creepy…

    …i hope schleck kicks his ass in the next few tours & we’ll see if ‘berto is so fucking gracious when his “friend” bests him regularly…

  15. hell yea my man menchov pulled off a podium spot and out TT’ed all those top steppers. He’s 33 and got a couple more chances ride on Denis!

  16. Well, I didn’t see it. In fact, I saw not even any of the tour. I’ve been buried in bullshit. I just spent four hours searching for my phone, which is off. Someone MUST have stolen it. One fucking thing after another. I’m getting ready to give up entirely… I’m so fucking sick of THIS way of life.

  17. …life can be a definite balance, little jar, no matter your circumstances…

    …find it…it’s in you…

  18. I though the Tour was boring. We all knew Contador would win, and it was never in doubt. Only one guy even came close, and he was a long shot.

    It was cool though to see French kids winning stages, and I thought Lance rode well for an emeritus kinda dude. Overall, the Giro was more fun. Looking forward to the Vuelta.

  19. Yeah, I know – remember that commercial of Contador and Shleck going at it on exercise bikes? Everyone knew it would be those two at the top. Boring indeed, as far as that goes – but the whole show is not boring.
    Do you think this little Spanish punk has it in him to beat the records set by Merckx and Armstrong?

  20. This tour was far from boring…
    Rainy start, crashes stage 2, cobbles stage 3, Cav not sprinting (at first), Al Jet kicking ass, green jersey comp, lance looking old, fist fights and head butts, vino attacking, french taking stages, dropped chains and apologies, sherwin & ligget fighting over it, horner looking strong for a red neck, shleck and conty not being able to drop each other, cav finally destroying the sprints, 39 seconds, what ifs….. more good shit.

  21. I can’t watch that but what I will say is that there seems to be a significant lack of ‘Hey Pistalero’ comments this tour..

  22. @kg: Don’t forget the team classification. That must have been hotly contested with how much it was talked about.

  23. Team classification was talked about because Lancey boy was in it, or his team was in it.

    What I really liked about this Tour was Hesjedal riding out of his mind, and Horner rolling into the top 10. Sure neither won, but I like both of those guys, and have for a long time.

  24. The playing field is level at the Tour and that’s what counts, right?

    Not sure about that one, wasn’t level from ’99 – 2005 …… Better Dope, Better ingredients, Papa Lance…

  25. While the top two spots weren’t in much doubt from the start, the battles down below and some of the individual accomplishments were impressive. Ryder Hesjedal for example….awesome effort throughout. He really stepped up and made his mark. I predict bigger and better results for Ryder in Tours to come.

  26. TdF in a nutshell: flat stages are boring, TTs are dull, viva la mountain stages…

  27. The fab 4 of VS couldn’t stop talking about the fucking water bottles that open-up on both ends. Was that an actual sponser, were they being blown by reps for the product or is this really the greatest invention since clipless pedals?

  28. …ryder hesjedal was there for vande velde but after christian got battered n’ bruised, the canadian, by his own initiative & with vaughters blessing went out & tested himself…the results are obvious…
    …now it could be “big decision time” coming up on next years race, for that team…


    “Better Dope, Better ingredients”…hmmm ???…

    …so, lemme see…so if all the major players were doping, what i see is a better, more intelligent approach to the same solution…(i can’t believe i just used the word ‘solution’ within a doping context)…

  29. There’s a lot more politic’n in racing than there should be perhaps. At least on the road since it’s all teamates and hugs. Right?

  30. Why are you all so obsessed with those mountain queens on the podium? Spartacus is the real he-man. Mmmmm. Dreamy. Right girls?

  31. The cool thing about the flat stages is I can get home from work, ride until dark, eat, drink a beer or two, check some email and still have time to check out the final 5 or so minutes and basically, the race. maybe even time for a shower.

    Not saying I don’t enjoy having the long segments each day, but probably only caught half the tour.
    Not like when I used to go apeshit waiting for 30 minutes of coverage on ESPN. That stuff was like gold. Would VHS tape it and then watch again on the trainer in the winter. Nice to have the option though, even if it is filled with a lot of filler and Lancey fluff. Probably a lot more jaded now too, since I feel like EVERYONE is on dope.

    Maybe I’ll change my name to Mr. Hand…

  32. i’m doping with a sea of lonliness and desperata and post-tour deprecione. it is so so lonely here withought my compagniones. if only i had a bonitas pictura. oh. bueno. gracias. what tiny hands you have.

  33. …fuck…even i have to agree that the versus coverage is a “lancey pants” show…

    …but somehow, not having to listen to craig hummer makes it easier to kick a three week ‘le tour’ habit…

  34. With Lancey Pants gone, will versus even cover the Tour? And if they do, whose ass are they gonna find to shove their heads into with Lance’s rectum out of the picture.