Mr. Armstrong has retained counsel

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Armstrong has enlisted the services of Los Angeles-based criminal-defense lawyer Bryan D. Daly, a former federal prosecutor and partner at the firm Sheppard Mullin Richter and Hampton.

Bryan D. Daly got his J.D. from Rutgers in 1985. He is known for, among other things, his experience in fraud cases. Seems to fit what Mr. Armstrong is up against.

Former riders and attorneys who have been in contact with federal authorities said investigators are focusing much of their attention on possible charges involving the misuse of public funds during the period that Armstrong’s team was sponsored by the U.S. Postal Service. While the Postal Service is now a self-supporting corporation, its funds are still considered to be “public” dollars. Misuse of public funds, particularly if they were used in the commission of a crime — including the illegal purchase and distribution of prescription drugs — could result in fraud charges being filed.

Committing fraud against the United States government is some serious business.

Daly announced his entrance into the fray with some rather boiler plate langauge.

“I was recently retained by Mr. Armstrong to assist him with respect to the investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles,” Daly said in an e-mail to the Daily News. “I have no comment at this time, except to say that we are going to work diligently to find out precisely what, if anything, this investigation has to do with Mr. Armstrong.”

There is on more thing from that Velonews article that is bugging me. Tim Herman, an attorney for Mr. Armstrong said in a letter to assistant U.S. Attorney Doug Miller the following: “It is egregiously unfair and frustrating for New York reporters to have far more knowledge about this matter than Mr. Armstrong or his attorney.”

It would seem to me that all Mr. Herman, or any other attorney representing Mr. Armstrong, would have to do in order to obtain the same information the “New York reporters” have is ask. The state carries, as I understand it, no duty to provide such information without first being quired. And, even then, there are some things the state does not have to provide until this matter is a whole lot closer to trial, if at all. What does Mr. Herman expect of the situation?

Lance Armstrong’s attorney, Tim Herman, says he didn’t get a lot of information about the government’s intentions earlier this month when he visited California to sit down with the prosecutor overseeing a federal probe into potential doping conspiracies on Armstrong’s cycling teams.

According to Herman, assistant U.S. Attorney Doug Miller refused to “discuss or even hint at” the legal theories that he and other prosecutors are entertaining as they bring witnesses and evidence before a grand jury currently empaneled at the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

Mr. Herman will know what, if any, crime Mr. Armstrong is to be charged with when, and if, Mr. Armstrong is actually charged with a crime. Until then, the “legal theories” relied on by the government are cards played close to the chest.

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19 Replies to “Mr. Armstrong has retained counsel”

  1. As you/my/what? attorney I advise you to take a hit from the small brown bottle in my shaving kit

  2. …bryan d.daly has one job & one job only…

    …find a loophole big enough to ride one madone 6.9 ssl custom painted in radio shack / livestrong colors through…

    …bryan d.daly will be accommodated accordingly for said accomplishment…

  3. So he got an Attorney…BFD! If you hit an old lady crossing the street, and she filed suit against you, would you NOT hire a lawyer?
    It’s called protecting interests, not an admission of guilt.

  4. I don’t see it as an admission of guilt. It’s the smart move on his part. And, he already had attorneys, several from what I understand. He just brought in a specialist.

  5. Looks like Big Tex sees that big hammer of justice swinging his way soon. He’s merely protecting himself.

    We’ll see what happens…

  6. He’s not just protecting himself. He’s protecting America. Freedom isn’t free.

  7. Wife sent me this article this am.

    Good times:

    Almost 8 out of 10 Fed cases end up with a guilty verdict or plea bargain with a 20% reduction in sentence. The Feds are not going to tell them shit until they have so much ammo it will be a fucking lay up. All the witnesses have lawyered up and will be given immunity to get the big fish.

    I would say that this will go down like BALCO,in that Bonds plea’d out and did not fall entirely.But Bonds did not have a charity that he made into a brand, nor did he have as many people directly linked to his doping that could flip. there will be a LONG paper trail and I think ultimately those that think they are above the law will find that to be untrue. I think Armstrong’s camp will show their true colors and save there own asses. If you have ever heard Bill Stapleton talk you will know what I mean. Hincapie will be loyal, will be interesting to see if Dave Z contradicts his testimony.

    Soap box:

    Armstrong hired the best and I hope he gets the due process we all deserve. I also hope that the truth comes out and that one day we can all watch the Tour and believe in what we are watching and that posts on this site will be about other topics. I am not dumb enough to think there will be 100% clean cycling, people do interesting things for money and fame, but I feel that we are getting there. If you saw what I saw this year, there were not too many “superhuman” performances in the Tour and many riders were complaining about how tough the stages were. It made for some good racing.
    I really admire Jonathon Vaughters in all of this, to come out and say that he wants his guys to tell the truth, whatever that may be and that they will still have jobs takes balls. We need more of that, removing the fear of coming forward is the first step to get the truth.

    Own your Victory – Kabush

  8. …i’m touched…i can’t comment on these legal proceedings right now…sniffle

    …i just saw the wonderfully meaningful sight of cameron diaz & some little tom cruise look-a-like dweeb w/ lifts in his shoes, up on the podium w/ ‘berto cuntador…

    …i know MY fucking day is complete…

  9. Didn’t see this one coming…..
    “Fuck. Shit. Fuck me. Fucking shit.” Should have never ridden for the US POSTAL SERVICE! “Shit, fuck, god-damn.”

  10. …from having won 6 tours de france in the colors of the ‘u.s.postal service’ to having his mugshot posted in the lobbies of post offices across the u.s.a….

    …lance ‘the fugitive’ armstrong…last scene living in france…wanted on u.s. soil for misappropriation of public funds…not thought to be considered dangerous unless your last name is lemond or landis…
    …mr armstrong, an athlete still embraced by the public, except within the continental u.s.a., has been know to travel to, & associate w/ belgian royalty, to wit, one king eddy merckx…

    …anyone offering information on mr armstrng/s frequent visit’s to texas whist wearing a “groucho marx moustache, glasses & fake plastic nose” will be rewarded up conviction…

    …stay tuned to this site for updates…

  11. bgw – i saw that too. WTF?? what does tom cruise and cameron diaz have to do with fucking cycling? maybe she’s gonna fuck lance next, who knows.

  12. Given the recent politically motivated malfeasances of our Department of “Justice”, I won’t waste much time following this story.

  13. …diaz & the little dipshit are practicing damage control, errr, ummm, publicizing that bomb of a movie they made together…

    …’cuz it tanked in america, they’re busy trying to sell it to the french & you know the french…look @ “le stuff americane” they’re willing to embrace (easy, gildas, easy…i mean think about it)…

    …so…with a little ass kissing & “ohhh, yes…tom & cameron are BIG fans of the ‘tour day france” & some free passes for the organizers & their kids & it’s “ohhh, oui, pas problem…we make l’arrangement, mes amis”

    …vient de dire…

  14. Guess you do whatever you need to do to pimp a movie when you get paid like that, not a bad gig really. poor souls, having to go to france in the summer, although hanging around a bike race is probably not so exciting to them. Cruise seems taller on the podium with AC and Diaz, wonder if he is sporting the wedges in his shoes.

  15. …yep, not bad at all, huh ???…

    …prob’ly in his contract…“miss diaz is only allowed to wear ‘flats’ rather than heels while being in close proximity &/or camera range of mr cruise…we also ask that miss diaz cooperates with the ‘imagery’ we are trying to provide for mr cruise by slightly bending her knees, again, while in close proximity &/or camera range of our said star”