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  1. Wow, yet his interview with Cranky Andreau was so much more gracious….humble even.

    like grandad used to say…..you. can’t. polish. a. turd.

  2. God damn, I just watched that again and Pharmstrong needs to realize that once he steps off the bike, the fucking pecking order changes. His little waife ass needs to get a mud hole stomped in it me thinks….

  3. @HUMPTY: You’d think he realized the pecking order had changed right around the time he got shelled in that sprint.

  4. …fuck you & your bullshit, humpty fucking dumpty, you self righteous cocksucker…

    …guy’s been racing his ass off, over a hundred miles a day, been on the deck countless times, having a disappointing tour by his standards yet is still hangin’ in there & this is his office, his workspace…

    …& ya, believe it or not, like you, i wanna see the doping shit play out but i just wanna have the truth revealed…i don’t have this quivering like a little girl excitement bullshit you possess to see the man brought down…

    …if you don’t “get” the contributions & effort the man has put out, it’s only ‘cuz you’re blinded by your own pettiness…

    …you are fucking sad, dude…

  5. BGW – did you watch the Vid? C’mon man, the self righteous cocksucker was LA. Hard work and contributions don’t mean jack shit if you behave like that.

  6. …ya, he could have handled it better (as could have i, here) but he’s also the all-time leader in having cameras & microphones shoved in his face…

    …guy gets a lotta praise ‘cuz of the ‘livestrong’ thingy but at the same time he gets constantly ripped w/ some ugly fucking stuff on a regular basis out on the roads & the guys riding next to him, guys who did the same shit aren’t getting that abuse…not even close…

    …despite the ‘image’, i don’t expect him to be a saint & i know he’s not…

  7. notice jackwagon lance bumped into the old guy, the guy who was least likely to fight back. did he think it was his father???

    the old guy looked nothing like novitzky or landis (or tyler or frankie or heras or ulrich or lemond or basso or kevin livingston or simeoni or david walsh or kristen armstrong or cheryl crow or…)

    so big tex musta thought it was his father who abandoned him to be raised by his alcoholic mom. that’s the only explanation.

  8. He had to physically MOVE himself off the saddle to shoulder and hip check that guy- he could have easily slid to the right of his saddle and SLIGHTLY maneuvered around the right of that pedestrian-

    Fucker is as full of exogenous/artificial testosterone as Roid Landis and probably taught Floyd how to use it

  9. gnome has it right. i took two side mirrors off a NAPA parts truck once up there in fort collins. it was epic. most road battles go less than 30 seconds total. the old feller driving the truck and i went at it for almost 5 minutes. i woulda loved to have heard his explanation to his boss…

  10. “Hard work and contributions don’t mean jack shit if you behave like that.”

    yep. all that really matters is the content of the man’s character. big tex is a fella whose awful personality and ridiculous antics off the bike more than cancel out any job related achievements. look, when homie is way into old age and starts seriously contemplating his death, what’s going to matter – work or important relationships?

  11. give me a break. You pricks think that little bump was a big deal? Ever accidentally bump into someone in a crowd or tight space (or in your case, the corner sex-toy shop) You acknowledge, say “my bad” and move on… but if the Devil, er, “Pharmstrong” bumps into someone, it’s as if he gave the crowd the Cavendish salute. And I guess his dedication to cancer research makes no difference to your jealousy driven hatred of ones success. And if you disagree with me, you’re a racist homophobe who drives an old Suburban.

  12. There are only two roles: pitcher and catcher. Be the pitcher.

    That old man wanted some. You see how he was walking all hard like that in the middle of the path?

    Shouldn’t have got in the way…

  13. …ah haaa, otb…

    …that was you in the corner shop the other day…

    …er, ummm, sorry, my bad…i was in a rush to get home w/ my latest purchase…

  14. You pricks need to get the hell over this. I have seen geeks push each other harder at Blockbuster over the latest PS3 game. Lance was trying to avoid the ropes

  15. Let’s see…

    LA: (Unclip) “excuse me”

    OG: “Oh shit, sorry!”

    = LA NOT a douche

    LA: (Shoulder check)….-pause-….(That was a glare BTW)

    OG: “Random european-speak!”

    = LA a douche.

  16. I get back from my fifty-miler and this is what you guys have been doing all day? Go ride your bikes, for god’s sake.

  17. Me too Mikey! First ride on my new crabon fibre frame. Feels goooooood.

  18. Bikesgonewild,

    I mean really dude ?? Really??

    “fuck you & your bullshit, humpty fucking dumpty, you self righteous cocksucker…
    …guy’s been racing his ass off, over a hundred miles a day, been on the deck countless times, having a disappointing tour by his standards yet is still hangin’ in there & this is his office, his workspace…
    …& ya, believe it or not, like you, i wanna see the doping shit play out but i just wanna have the truth revealed…i don’t have this quivering like a little girl excitement bullshit you possess to see the man brought down…
    …if you don’t “get” the contributions & effort the man has put out, it’s only ‘cuz you’re blinded by your own pettiness…
    …you are fucking sad, dude…”

    Really dude, I am sad?

    Let me ‘splain you.

    I know LA personally you fucking pillow biter so put down your copy of “Every Second Counts”, take LA’s cock out of your mouth and get off your knees. I lived in Austin for 5 years during the height of his Tour wins and mngd a bike shop. I volunteered for his foundation, helped put on the Downtown Crit, the Ride for the Roses, and rode for the LAF Live to Ride team to benefit his fucking charity. So ‘splain me how I don’t “get” the contributions he put out ?? I made my living off of it, put my time into him. I don’t “get it” but you do right? a

    I know the effect he had first hand, put my time and $ there douchebag.

    That’s right, drank the kool aid, wore the yellow bands the whole nine, would even defend him to his detractors for years b/c I know first hand that he trained his ass off.. in November… hill repeats and cross races in the fucking rain… when Ullrich et al were eating sausages and bon bons…was fucking there. But it was all a lie.

    I also know what he did to his wife, how he treats anyone who does not become one of his drones, how he chews up and spits out many who were there for him when he could not ride up his fucking driveway..but I don’t get it?

    If you don’t understand, you betta ask somebody.

    Being good on the bike does not make you a good person. Neither does surviving cancer. It does not give you the right to be a cocksucker to the fans that made you who you are when your whole life, your fans, your fame, and foundation are built upon a fraud of epic proportions.

    I want ALL OF THEM CAUGHT and gone. ALL OF THEM. If you read this site often, I am an equal opp. doper hater. He gets no free pass b/c he has a foundation. Jesus fucking christ,so does Susan G Komen. Plus he is so arrogant in his denials, be humble dude. you got away with it so far and made millions, now shut the fuck up and stay retired. You really care about cancer and this sport, come clean. You are already a millionaire. He does not care about cancer, he cares about his image and the $.

    Bikesgonewild, if you think I being petty after reading this, then investigate all the facts,the numbers, watch his ACTIONS, not words. Then you go look a cancer patient wearing a yellow bracelet in the eye and tell them they should believe in Lance Armstrong…

    you are not even sad dude, you are pathetic.

  19. Dolak, Humpty.. I still don’t get your hatred of the guy. First, as for the doping charges, where is the hard evidence? And spare me the conspiracy theories. So you don’t like his style.. that sounds like a “you” problem. And to discount what his foundation has done for cancer awareness and research? I guess $22 million (as of 2005, so lets just say it’s more by now)isn’t worth an ounce of your respect.
    Whatever, your hatred of Lance and disdain for his fans speaks volumes about the sludge in your soul.

    Nuff said. Rubber side down.

  20. Humpty just served up a plate of STFU. Cold with a layer of burnt on top just like creme brulee. Nicely done. I’ve briefly met LA as well. Know a little dirt as well, trust me him and Tiger Woods don’t just have Nike in common.

  21. @SFB— flippin’ schweet, dude. My beat-up old CR1 is still the best bike I’ve ever ridden. Just think how much you’re gonna enjoy the next 12-15,000 miles.

  22. That poor old man is lucky that he didn’t get cheapshotted by the “beefier” version preferred by Judi

  23. Amen, Humpty to what you said about LA. Burn it down. It won’t affect my riding one bit if all those dopers find real jobs. I’ll still go out and punish my average body on the hills and into the headwinds.

    Why do people on this site (and others) tear each other up over these overpaid pro athlete frauds?

    A little observation I made the other day may help everyone cool their jets. I was walking by a local park and spied a little black boy, a little white boy and a little Mexican boy beating the shit out of an old man. I wondered why if these kids can learn to play together, why can’t we?

  24. …yadda, yadda, dumpty, yadda fucking yadda…

    …i’m the one who’s said i wanna see it cleaned up all ’round while 99% of your cycling posts are soapboxing the lance-ster’s negatively …

    …i’ve also said i know he’s not a “nice” guy to people in general but he has raised awareness of the fact that cancer is not a steel door that closes once you go through & then your life is over…dig it or not, that is an irrefutable fact that on it’s own stands as a major contribution in this life…

    …whether his organization or any other meets the level of contribution we’d all like to see is a different story but he has helped create a situation where millions of dollars are funneled in the right direction…

    …your experience has led you to create a bitter fucking pill…if you can’t swallow it, why dump it on others…

    …& btw, i don’t ride anyone’s coattails…your little scenario must a’ been something you experienced…they call it “projection”

  25. Humpty and BGW…there is a drug called cannabis. Go smoke some, you both need it.

  26. @peter— respectfully, sir, that’s not a drug— it’s life-giving medicine. Remember to vote in November!

  27. …no need to alter my perceptions these days, peter…no need for 25 years as a matter of fact…

    …when somebody like tony lays one on like his playground joke, i can dig it immediately…that was a good/bad joke…i liked that…

    …& i, like all of you, get angry in this life…it’s a natural emotion…but bitterness & resentment, well, that’s a fabricated attachment that evolves out of anger if you don’t learn how to deal w/ shit…

  28. That really just looks like he got a little wobbly at that moment and bumped the guy. If you are partial, you can totally see he is correcting because of the pylon coming up, and throwing his shoulder out is trying to compensate for the shifting balance. Plus he would not have stopped and looked back if he was trying to hockey check him.

    I’m no more a lance fan than most people here, but let’s not be like those we judge by being stupid masses and getting mad at every little mistake someone makes after we hate them.

  29. @gnome +1

    @BGW I’m a little confused. You’re talking about Lance when you say:

    …but bitterness & resentment, well, that’s a fabricated attachment that evolves out of anger if you don’t learn how to deal w/ shit…


    I keed I keed

  30. After watching the money shot about 15 times I might agree with Matt. It looks like he may have tried to make a tight squeeze, the old guy’s line was edging to the right, LA realizes he isn’t gonna make it and has to overcorrect last minute, which has him swinging into him. It still seems like it was a little too harsh but you can see LA is pushing into the tape/barrier when he stops, of course maybe as a result of bouncing off of old guy… anyhow, this has me just thinking it might not be so sinister. There may be more to it than beats the eye.
    Strikes against him are he obviously was in a foul mood, didn’t go out of his way to apologize, and is a dick.
    Still… not sure and not going to pull any more Zapruder analysis on a video unless it has XXX somewhere on the label.

  31. Looks like there was a bottleneck tightening between the fence/barrier on the left of the old man and a barrier right of LA. Seems like an innocent accident between unaware tourist and exhausted and hyped bike racer. Can’t say I blame a racer telling someone to take his lens out of the back of his torn jersey after 200k in front of a race. Still if one hates LA for things unrelated to what’s on this video clip, well, hate on, bros, hate on.

  32. @Humpty and others who are waiting for Lance’s world to crash around him – other than just wanting to hear him say what you already know is true, what good do you think Lance admitting to or testing positive to doping would do? I can understand that you don’t like the guy personally, so maybe that is enough to want to see him fall. But you can’t say that Lance hasn’t done quite a bit of good – from helping keep your LBS in business to his work with cancer. I just don’t see how him saying “okay, you got me – I doped all along” would have more positive impact than negative. I don’t know Lance, but I’m guessing I wouldn’t like him too much. But then again, I don’t really like a lot of the wanna be pros around here either. Many are full of themselves and think their shit don’t stink. So you know what I do – I don’t hang out with them and I pretty much ignore them. I have better things to do with my time than worry about people I don’t like. You should try that with Lance. If you don’t watch Versus you won’t see him too much.

  33. BGW,

    I beieve in context, causal relationships, and evidence.

    Let me ask you something. Had Lance not won the Tour, would his foundation be anything? would he be anything? would Live Strong be anything? The answer is no. I know b/c pre 99 LAF was not much, look at his pre tour contributions to the cause.

    I applauded his picture he sent Susan @ fat cyclist, not for him, for her. I have applauded that he gives a lot of people hope but I believe that was wrong b/c he is a fraud. If they knew the real Lance they would find others to believe in and there are many out there.

    If all that he achieved occurs by false means, how can it have any true meaning? Should you sit back and applaud something even though you know it is fraudulent? Or do we all deserve the right to believe in something and have it actually be real, not just a bill of goods?

    I mean when did the guy become fucking Robin of the Hood for you?

    You don’t have to agree with me, but passive agressively saying that I “force a pill” or “project” on others is really just an ignorant thing to say on a public site.

    The math is that 8.5 out of 10 Fed cases end up with guilty verdicts and he is at the fed level holmes. Not sure what point you are trying to “project” about his cancer contributions, but did he really make them, or did we?

    think about it.

  34. Looks unintentional to me. He had no room to the right turned slightly left but was going to slow and his weight shifted.

    Think about it, the “pharmastrong” crew thinks the guy has gone through years of passing drug tests while totally doped, so he obviously knows how NOT to get caught riding dirty. But at the same time, he’s dumb enough to get caught ramming an pedestrian at the tdf with cameras everywhere….. doesn’t really make a lot of sense does it.

    You’re looking for reason to hate…. that’s kind of desperate.

  35. The guy has certainly had a rough tour, and yesterday he worked his ass off all day long only to get owned in the final sprint. That’s pretty rough… however, if you watch the video closely, it is quite clear that he took his frustration out on a random person. There is no bad luck or soul-crushing defeat that anyone can experience that should make it acceptable to treat random, innocent bystanders as emotional punching bags. How could any one here truly believe that what he did to that guy is alright?

  36. His world is crashing before his very eyes . I got to say what a dick wad control freak . your done prick …………

  37. After seeing this, it is hard for me to decide what is more pathetic-checking some unsuspecting old dude or not even being thought of to chase down. When was the last time LA was not chased down in a TDF?

    Lance, you are done. You are not even close to being on the same level as Schleck nor Contador. It is pathetic to see you back in the pack smiling and joking around. There is a reason why you had so much “bad luck” this Tour, it’s called karma. The crashes and flats saved yourself from truly humiliating yourself.

  38. I hate to be cynical, but I find it a little ridiculous that Velonews.com has no problem having an above-the-fold story about other drama (such as the Barredo tussle in the first week), but Lance shoulder-checks an innocent bystander and it’s not even mentioned.

    For any one who really believes that it was an honest mistake: we all know Lance has better than average handling skills – he was NOT moving too slow to maneuver. If you think it’s a simple matter of two people trying to occupy the same space at the same time, it looks a hell of a lot more like Lance trying to occupy the space that someone else was already occupying. People with respect and dignity don’t typically try to push other people out of their way so that they can occupy a space that someone else is already taking. Furthermore, if he was really in danger of hitting an inanimate object, the tactful thing would have been to use those things that we refer to as BRAKES. There is absolutely nothing I see in this video that points to it being a mistake.

  39. man, that statement about love and indifference makes me bummed because I’m so indifferent that I love none of you. Anyone got a good therapist recommendo in FLG?

  40. If any of you are old enough to remember the Andy Kaufman/Jerry Lawler feuds of the 1980’s there are interesting parallels to the Lemond/Armstrong feud.

    First check out #51 from Humpty. Lemond and Armstrong hugging and making nice? Photos don’t lie. Methinks this is a charade. They’re pretending to be antagonists now to keep themselves in the news.

    Both former TDF winners
    Big egos
    Declining fortunes
    Desperate for attention

    Now check out this uncensored video from Letterman Show.

    It was later revealed by Jim Carrey in the film “Man On The Moon” that the whole “feud” between Lawler and Kaufman was staged. They were friends.

    Conspiracies, conspiracies are everywhere.

  41. Am I the only “fan boy”, “hater” that noticed how narrow the path was where Lance “hockey checked” the grey hair and that LA was up against the barrier tape when this horrible, douche like, incident occurred? Just sayin.

  42. It’s besides the point whether or not LA was trying to squeeze between the pedestrian and the barriers or whether he intentionlly dropped a shoulder. What’s so wrong in turning around and saying “my bad?” Does he have to cast the Ullrich stare? Fuck no. Sure, we all have bad days, but poor old dude was walking along and BAM gets nailed from behind. Old guy could have broken a hip. I’m just saying that action right there was a total dick move. My two cents. Now, hug it out fuggers!

  43. Crap guys, some of youse yoots are a bit off the hook, chill out. Save it all for the Drunkcyclist Demo Derby, whenever Jonny hits is big as a lawyer.

    Did you guys see the article about BigJonny in buycycling?

    Now everyone back to your regular lives, if this were a real important topic, the government would have told us a bunch of lies already.

  44. …humpty…no nasty attacks, just a little of “my” reality…

    …first off, armstrong has never been & never will be a ‘robin hood’ to me…were he to come out & make ‘the admission’, i’d have more respect for him but i don’t see that happening…love to be wrong on that but i don’t think he has the mindset to believe the public could accept him in that situation…

    …personally, i think he’s wrong about that…might take a while but i believe it would happen…

    …while your grandpappy used ta say “you can’t polish a turd”, i say “you can’t turn a plow horse into a thoroughbred”…if he didn’t have natural talent, amazing drive & he didn’t work as hard as he did, all the drugs in the world would not turn him into a 7 time tour winner…he or anyone else…

    …bear w/ me & understand that in telling you this, i am not looking for an ounce of empathy, sympathy, respect, whatever else anyone might dream up thinking i’m looking for…i’m telling you this to relate a hard fucking fact…

    …8 years ago, this time of year during the tour, i was in a hospital bed…basically, i had collapsed on an easy ride & came within 30 to 90 sec of dying (i was told)…my brain was starved for oxygen because my heart was taking what it could to keep my body alive…when i was revived i had lost my identity…i was ‘clue nada’ as to who i was…

    …won’t get into details but several cycling related things in the hospital (believe it or not) helped me finally start to realize who i was & while this may be hard to understand without riding in my ‘sidi’s’, i really didn’t care if i lived or died…i honestly felt like i would be better off to just die…

    …i had a father & brother alive who did not care what-so-ever…i didn’t expect any concern from that quarter…wonderful friends, yes & a good medical staff that made me face the reality being offered me but initially, i didn’t give a fuck…

    …but up there, in the news, on the tv screen was lance ‘fucking’ armstrong…it wasn’t important to me that he was a guy who’d formed some organization, at that point in my consciousness…it wasn’t even important to me that he was a tour ‘winner’ at that point…

    …he was a cyclist, i was a cyclist…

    …& he was one thing to me…a guy who got up from his death bed & got back on his bike…i decided i’d be a bitch if i didn’t do the same thing…& after a quintuple (5) by-pass, i fucking did just that…

    …so perhaps, humpty, you wanted to believe in what you thought you saw in the man in the beginning & even worked towards that end for him & yet were disappointed by your own expectations…

    …i saw what i needed to see in the man & was then able to find what i needed in myself because i could have been a dead man…you’re calling him a fraud will never run deep in my heart or in the millions worldwide who found something they needed for themselves knowing he got of his deathbed & succeeded…

    …while i had heart problems rather than cancer, i had no expectations of the man but his actions gave me hope for myself…unfortunately most of us know a number of other people who are affected by cancer one way or another…

    …i’ll say it again “he has raised awareness of the fact that cancer is not a steel door that closes once you go through & then your life is over”

    …that’s what’s important to me…

  45. bgw, thanks for the story. Humpty’s not a bad guy, if he is who I think he is. Ran a pretty top rate shop. I worked with and dealt with a lot of the same people. We all drank the kool-aid in Austin and kept our mouths shut when cracks started showing, because we were all benefiting from LA fever. I understand how he feels, but I was never in the inner circle, so I don’t feel betrayed.

  46. el jefe, WTF,Shake weights ? I don’t even want to go there.

    But yes, looking forward to tomorrow.

    I have huge respect for BGW & HUMPTY comes across as an intelligent & reasoned person so respect there too.

    I think that this is a moment wonderfully captured in “Oklahoma”, i.e. “The Farmer & the Cowhand should be friends.” scene.

    Love those old 50’s movies, probably before most of your times, (yeah go ahead, Google it, damn kids, no ideas, put them in the army I say…)

    BGW, thanks for sharing, glad your still here..

  47. …el jefe…

    …i was hoping something ‘from the heart’ would add a new (???) perspective…

    …i can’t really imagine any of us here is a ‘bad guy’…cycling as an activity is hard work if it’s done w/ any enthusiasm & bike racing at the pro level is such a hard fucking sport, even w/ ‘enhancement’, i think there’s still a certain honesty to it…no purity at that point but there are easier sports to make a buck at, for sure…

  48. …thanks, bud…

    …right now, i’m exhausted from revisiting my ol’ personal ‘tourmalet’

  49. Um, people survived Cancer before the Bike Messiah did. How is it even possible that Lance fellators read DC? Seriously, how the fuck does that happen on a continuing basis?

    One comment each, boys. Or format it totally dorky so I can easily skip your 2nd, 7th (get it), and 12th rehash or your horse flogging.

  50. Lance never flogged a horse.

    Except that Leihpheimer poney he rides up hills on these days…

  51. …thanks, humpty…

    …angel on my shoulder…

    …i was given a major second chance in life…i collapsed within 200 to 300yds of a paramedic station…otherwise, ‘el finito’

  52. late to this party, amazed at the volume of commentary. I have to say – I like Lance better because he is not the perfect nice guy some want to believe. It is infuriating… people crawling all over the place, you’re tired, you want to get THE FUCK off the bike and maybe get a massage, and fucking reporters crowding your trailer. A TRAILER, people, when you’re used to living in a nice Aspen house. I’d be an ass, too. “Get off of me” is pretty gentle, actually. Long rides tend to bring up a lot of aggression in me, too – as non-pro as I am, I still produce anabolic steroids during a long work out and so many of you know this feeling – you want to tear something’s head off and you’ve got a short fuse. It’s not easy being a pro.

  53. Were I come from pedestrians have right of way in that kind of situation. If the cyclist (whoever it was) bumps the older man, he apologises, acknowledges his mistake and they move on. The crass arrogance of that poor cyclist is unacceptable behaviour. Anywhere. Douche bag doper.

  54. Amen littlejar, “It’s not easy being a pro.”

    rough getting massages after your races, getting paid to race your bike.

    I can’t believe that arrogance of that old man trying to walk in front of LA not knowing he was behind.

    Guys like Carlos Sastre, Thor, CVV etc. have it all wrong. FUCK THE FANS!

  55. I’m liking Mr. Sastre a lot after reading this quote from today’s stage:

    “For some it was crazy, for others it was stupid, and others a day of courage and bravery. For me, it was a day to enjoy being on the bike.”


  56. I’m sorry. Watched that vid 6x and I ain’t seeing the big deal.

    Lancy-pants was just rolling around backstage….trying to get to his trailer after a 200k race…..exhausted….brain all wired from the effort….he brushes off the old guy as he goes pass to keep from falling thru the ropes on the right.

    No harm no foul no story. Nothing to see here…just move along.

    And I don’t like LA. Think he’s a dick. But this is trivial.

    On that note…..a question.

    Anyone else get the so-called “runner’s high” after a long ride ?

  57. Lance haters will find any reason to hate him. Fanboys will always love him. It’s about the brand at this point. I don’t give a shit. Yeah, he can be an egotistical dick, but he backed it up for a long time (and inspired a lot of people to get off their fat lazy asses in the process), and you don’t get to where he did without being Type A to begin with. Does he have class? No. He’s no Ned Overend or Nelson Vails. Was he really fucking good at his job? Yes. In their day Hinault and Merckx were jerks too. There is more awareness of cycling because of him. Period.

  58. …chris horner eloquently stated, without coming out & actually expressing his disappointment, that he’d been working his ass off for three weeks for the lance-ster, “bottle” (levi) & kloden & hey, god dammit, here i am in tenth place, ahead of all three…

    …seems like once lance’s fate was defined & that leipheimer wasn’t lookin’ that great (& he was more a hope than a reality) that the team could a’ thrown in & been working for ‘the redneck’ as well as securing that team prize…

    …just sayin’, johan…

  59. Horner is an excellent tacticianm
    Velo news video diary w him is excellent.
    Too bad that he had to hold back and wait for a lance stage.

  60. As neither a Lance hater or a fan-boy, but a man who gives credit where credit is due, and understands exhaustion… I have to agree with the Colonel – so trivial… you see one mother fucker running to get the fuck out of the way, and another dude strolling around in the ‘recovery lane’ or whatever the fuck it is called, and I would have shoved the guy if I was in as foul a mood as Lance was, too, and that guy gets to go home and say “Lance bumped me.” and tell that story over and over.
    A far cry more gentle than the old days, when you get into the King’s way, you get your head just cleaved off.

  61. hey man, i dont see a problem here…. i do this all the time riding down the university with student walking out in front of me. it is fun, you should try it!

  62. I think if any of you embed youtube code (or whatever) into the comment section, it should work. I don’t think I was able to do anything any of you can’t do.

  63. The difference between LeMond and Armstrong:

    I saw LeMond with riding a kids bike (with his kids if I remember correctly) at Vail for the MTB Championships in the 90’s. LeMond bumped an older lady on a walking path. He stopped, she chewed him out good, he made sure she was ok and apologized (more than once).

    Class and manners vs whatever you call LA.

  64. looking forward to not owning an Armstrong tiagra equipped Chinese made bicycle, when they do come out with them.

  65. I also wish very much to make t-shirts that say:
    My other bike is also not a SURLY.

  66. @YoRo,

    That’s it right there.

    That’s how I expect my heros to act.

    I don’t care how shitty their day has been, that show’s character.

    Good on Greg.

  67. …ohhh, you mean a ‘trek / the armstrong collection’ when they come out with ’em…

  68. Not agree on several issues but the whole thing, and so impressive. Successful year!