Chicks on street bikes

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Since it’s friday and it’s time to get the dancing shoes on for the weekend, I thought I’d leave you with this video- it’s a gift from Caveman so you have something to think about on your bike ride today or your time at work.

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I am... Caveman. Spokane, Washington, USA

12 Replies to “Chicks on street bikes”

  1. @el jefe, that’s pretty funny you posted this. I was gonna do the two back to back but thought I’d throw out the newskool ugly only. I have this Aphex Twin album. I am fucking myself right now with rusty bobwire.

  2. …re: aphex twin…

    …she-it, bro…you be drivin’ a muthafuckin’ mi-ata…what other kinda pussy you think you gonna be getting in a muthafuckin’ mi-ata but weird-ass, muthafuckin’ strange pussy…

    …’sides, bro…them ho’s got some fine ass if you ain’t lookin’ at they muthafucki’ faces…

    …damn, son…i’m jus’ fuckin’ sayin’…

  3. Thanks for that waking nightmare. Now I can’t close my eyes during sex anymore.

  4. I want my three minutes and forty-three seconds back and I want them NOW!

    Sweet Jesus, I’m gonna have nightmares for sure.

  5. oh damn, now you know the type of batting average a DC reader be havin. thanks for the hot sauce, playah. i’m heading down to the k-mart to stock up on floss. snakehawk going out to-nite.

    windowlicker has been killing shit for yrs. i LOVE it.