Cat Fight!

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Wow, sparks and tempers were flaring after today’s stage! Nothing screams “Lil Bitch” more than a couple cyclists clad in lycra and funny shoes tussling in public. And to make matters worse, Quick Step rider Carlos Barredo used a spare wheel to aid in his bitch slapping. You wanna kick dude’s ass? First take off your tap dancing shoes, then step up, square up and clock the fugger right in the grill. Or better yet, grab his trachea and squeeze that shit like you’re juicing an orange. Otherwise, go ice your nuts and chill. That reminds me….who was that dude on the National scene a few years back who purportedly picked up a 2×4 post race to finish a fight?


Update: Video at

Second Update: Our two ass biters bad ass cyclists were Carlos Barredo (Quick Step) and Rui Costa (Caisse d’Epargne). Story at Velonews.

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29 Replies to “Cat Fight!”

  1. I think it was Gaggioli.

    Roberto Gaggioli from California has been suspended for the remainder of the 2004 calendar year from participating in any events sanctioned by USA Cycling, one of its associations, or the UCI in any capacity. This includes, but is not limited to being a rider or a manager. Gaggioli was involved in a physical altercation with another rider at the Cheaha Challenge on May 1, 2004 in Anniston, Ala.

    Gaggioli assaulted Jonny Sundt with a 2×4 immediately following the completion of the Pro/I/II race in Anniston, Ala, which is in violation of Rule 1O2(a) and 1O5(c) of the USCF Racing Rules. The hearing panel considers a USAC cycling license to encompass all licenses held by that licensee (racing, official, mechanic, manager, etc.).

    Read the rest:

  2. Dirty#4— LOL, seriously.

    My research prof in college was a hockey ref in his spare time. He believed that fighting in hockey was harmless because, “you can’t throw a good punch standing on skates.”

    One of my nightmares is some punk grabbing my Trophy Bike & running, and I can’t catch the little fuck because I’m wearing plastic shoes with big stupid cleats on them.

  3. Annnnd the Armenian joke has run it’s course. I’m now my usual pissant french man.

  4. …two 132lb effete spanish bike racers…that coulda got ugly…

    …hope they didn’t pee themselves…

  5. Thank god! (and flodizzle) a cycling post without whingin’ n’ moanin’!! Good stuff.
    Thanks also to the other posters offering tour info. It’s a bit hard to come hy here in the hinterlands.

    BTW, Mikey, wow, was your research prof actually serious? lol. ..he obviously never caught a stray one!’s usually the linesemen & not the refs that get unlucky, but still..

  6. “BTW, Mikey, wow, was your research prof actually serious? lol. ..he obviously never caught a stray one!’s usually the linesemen & not the refs that get unlucky, but still..”

    Kark— I think he was serious, strangest damn thing. He was Canadian, maybe that explains it. :)

  7. heh, sorry Dirty Biker. yours were not in mind when I typed that out. I think you might have known that though eh?
    ..actually there’ve been loads of great posts that have only been peripherally related to cycling. ..or apres cycling as it were.
    Just a few (too many imho) recently that seem to lean toward the preaching n’ moaning end of things.

  8. Mikey, maybe he was from Saskatchewan..

    ..a little closer to civilization though, and I don’t know anybody who doesn’t (or didn’t) consider a decent defenseman getting a bare handed grip on yer jersey as anything less than a full on chin-in-shouldersnhands-up-hope-for-glancing-blows and try to get a couple in yerself type situation. :)

  9. My 75 year old mum could knock the snot out of both of these guys hands down . The badger dont fuck around ! He could still whip either one of these
    slender road fodder ……….

  10. Shit, what kind of punch can you expect from two dudes who have arms that comparable to those found on a high school cheerleading team. make that a jr. high school cheerleading team.

    Hinault would have wrapped that rim around someone’s neck.

  11. BGW, I don’t know how “effete” they are…they’re not prize fighters, but I’d like to see how menacing a regular human being looks after a few days of racing at their level.

    Most untrained/inexperienced people look fucking ridiculous in physical altercations. Find those two racers in the off season in street clothes and I don’t think it’d be a stretch to think that if the stakes were right they wouldn’t be more dangerous than an average person.

    The dancing around in bike shoes was pretty funny though.

  12. …hmmm…kid wonder, kid wonder ???…was you a trained professional, kid, ‘cuz i seem ta recall that moniker…fought out a’ jersey, didn’t ya ???…

    …actually, i agree about how untrained/inexperienced people look when fighting (((especially me – fortunately none of us are exposed to that spectacle often)))…even tough guys can look idiotic in that situation…

  13. Two men wearing their sisters underpants thrashing and falling onto one another, RAD. This was the office amusement for Friday, thanks for sharing. Reminds me of Happy Gilmore saying he was the only guy to ever remove his skate and threaten another player with it. Where did he get that spare? The team truck?

  14. Still don’t understand why neither of them didn’t start swinging his helmet like Sandra Oh in “Sideways” [the only GOOD part of the whole movie]