This is pretty much how I spent the day.

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No bikes. Just a nice relaxing pool day with my man. Bikini. No lap swimming. Just goofing off with Dominic, going down the slide and shit. Good times, good times.

pool pic

Have a great holiday weekend.

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About Judi

Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

54 Replies to “This is pretty much how I spent the day.”

  1. Im sick of hearing about you and your man! It’s not interesting or funny or anything.

  2. Grumpy, Judi is a nice lady. She and her man both like bikes. They like them alot. You might take that into account the next time you post. And you might think about why you are on these boards to begin with.

    You might. Don’t have to, mind. I’m nobody around here. I’m just sayin’.

  3. What? Francis ain’t deleted me yet? someone wake him the fuck up.

  4. The point is to spark debate and express your opinion, not to continually berate/attack me, bully me, or otherwise be a selfish asshole. Cut it out. you do this with EVERY post I make. I hate you. I hope you die of cancer.

  5. Snake Hawk, I’m an asshole. You got me, buddy; I’m busted. But I take up for the good people, and that includes Miss Judi and her man. If that’s a problem, it’s your problem. And Francis still needs to serioulsy take himself less seriously. Seriously. It’s just a blog about bikes and titties and booze, for crying out loud. Jesus, dude. Seriously. What part of “Lighten up, Francis” got lost in translation?

    God damn, I think I’ll have another drink after all. Seriously.

  6. Sorry, Judi – wrong post. Joe is really getting to me, and I have had to resort to deleting his fucked up comments on my posts. I notice a pattern, it turns into a hate-fest as soon as he gets in on the act, which is every time.
    Yep Joe – you ARE nobody, because you get your jollies from making people feel bad, you’re not welcome in this room anymore, how many fucking times do I need to tell you!

  7. Francis, I probably will die of cancer, at that. Like my mom, my dad, my maternal grandmother and my paternal grandfather. Hope that made your day, you steaming little pile of shit.

  8. I will fly to the nearest city you live near and square off with you and fight man to man and pay for the flight and any hospital expenses just to get you to SHUT THE FUCK UP. Tell me where and when. Welcome back to 8th grade, Mr. “When you get to my age.” This is where being a bully leads you. The smart skinny nerd sometimes does win – and I’ve got it in me.

  9. Oh, and Francis? Maybe we should discuss the matter of my welcome with Big Jonny.

  10. Hagerstown, Md, Francis. Next Sunday, Public Square. High noon. I’ll be in a yellow muscle shirt, riding a fixed Crosscheck.

    Like you have two quarters to rub together, let alone plane fare.

  11. Joe,

    I think that it’s time to follow BGW’s water/Duck’s back anology & just walk away.

  12. LJ,

    I really think that you lost it this time. I saw most of Joe’s posts & I do not think that you actions were appropriate, this is verging on paranoia.

    Which raises a bigger issue for me; this is censorship thus a question for Big Johnny, Gnome & all the other Blog Gods, ‘Is the deleting of a dissenting opinion acceptable on this Blog? Given that its home is in the land of the free’

    If ‘yes’ then I’m out of here, it’s been (mostly) great & don’t worry, I won’t let the door slam me on the arse on the way out.

  13. Deleting posts is lame. Fight back if you want. Otherwise, let it go. Just words on a blog about bikes, boobs, and beers. No need for a showdown at high noon, unless it involves bike polo and beer chugging.

  14. And boobs, D2, don’t forget the boobs. Been WAY too little of that ’round here lately…

  15. Well D2, of course you’re right. But I’ll still be on Public Square next Sunday. And I’ll be alone. I’d bet the ranch.

  16. So all this incoherent rambling about helmets and shit, interspersed with LJ’s retorts, all I want to know is should socks be worn with shoes? Socks with Birkenstocks? What’s your stance on wearing underoos under your manpris?

    Fuck, the masses are asses. Just take care of yourself. Wear a helmet if you like. I will; it saved my life. If you don’t want to, I don’t give a crap. Fasten your seatbelt or not. Wear socks or not. Now, how about Le Tour?????

  17. Le Tour is no good anymore, every since they started wearing helmets.

    just joking of course. Gotta through in the disclaimer since there seems to be a lot of seriously tight sphincters lately…

  18. I thought that it was an excellent display of sportmanship. Spartacus went up hugely in my opinion. I don’t have much time for Bicycling magazine but Carmichael’s report on ther website was spot on.

  19. LJ @ #13:

    is this shit for real or is it some part of a blog-u-drama that i don’t understand?? how old are you, dude? the skinny nerd part… makes me think you’re 14… and electric joe, a yellow muscle shirt? wtf? this is all getting a bit too warm for me tastes… anyway, fuck off LJ. you have polluted this space.

  20. Conrad, I guess next Sunday we will see. I mean I’ll be there anyway, and Francis said to pick the time and place. Plus I’ve got brunch reservations at 12:30.

  21. Pirata-“Helmets”? JFC, dude, I’ve heard they’ve even taken to wearing socks. What the fuck is this world coming to? Socks, for the freakin’ love of Mabel…

  22. …nobody & i mean nobody has ever tried to play GOD on this site like you, littlejar…nobody has felt the need since the inception, that i know of…

    …on occasion, gianni or gnomer may have hosed down the boards when some clowntastic fool breached the on-line defenses like this past weekend but there have been seriously & searingly heated debates, rips, punches below the belt on so many different subjects…

    …know what ???…the basic premise of “let’s agree to disagree” has always held up whether any other agreement was reached…

    …littlejar…you have an erudite viewpoint on many subjects…i’ll repeat that loudly so you don’t miss it…“you have an erudite viewpoint on many subjects”…i, like others here, recognize that as a fact…got it ???…i’m acknowledging you & certain aspects of your intellectual capacity…got it ???…you ARE recognized, you have intelligence, okay ???…we’ve got that !!!…
    …but you are not always right or you wouldn’t always be having these problems !!!…no one is always right, godammit…

    …at the same time, you are so paranoia-caly (i think i made up that word) defensive about the fact that other people have their own opinions, that the comments degrade into this crap written above…

    …you accept the responsibility of being a contributor to this blog & yet when there are thoughts expressed contrary to yours, no matter their nature, you not only accuse a person of berating, attacking & bullying you, but you respond by wishing this on someone, “I hope you die of cancer.” ???…really ???…

    …& then the “high noon” thingy ???…

    …you need to sit back & prioritize, pal…fucking seriously…

    …& if you feel “bullied”, perhaps you want to feel “bullied”…‘duck’s back / water’, remember ???…

    …you are not the face of drunkcyclist, littlejar…that was established long before you or i got here so stop trying to manipulate how others approach every subject…you are a contributor…you’ve been granted the privilege of being “one” of the faces on this site so accept that you can continue to contribute…we commentators are contributors also & there will be more attitudes down the line…deal with it intelligently…let it go…

    stop being so fucking paranoid, stop taking everything so fucking personally & understand that even your intelligent viewpoints cannot be taken seriously when you act so fucking “unhinged”…

    ..& littlejar, i’m not attacking you, i’m fucking defending your good aspects…

  23. #4 – @grumpy – then go the fuck home. don’t log in. dont come to the site. we dont give a fuck about you. this site gets plenty enough hits w/o you.

  24. as BJ said many days ago (paraphrasing of course)… looks like it’s time to send in guns, drugs, and lawyers. and BGW @27… i totally agree; the wackjob francis-pees-his-pantis is a little totalitarian wackjob. me thinks little jar (he’s a JARHEAD, right) so little jarhead is mix of francis, wacko in full metal jacket, and idi amin (plus a bit of kim jong il and der furher (sorry stevil, no umlauts).

    this place is gettin toxic. and just curious, who is this littlejarhead and who the hell gave him administrative duties. bad choice. me no likes what has become PUNKCYCLIST

  25. Blog world: in the end, no different than the real world. This is great stuff. Keep it up.

  26. Well, actually I did tell her she had nice booty via email. Just say’n. Love a girl in a bikini.

  27. Flat, kinda wide=super fit and hot. Not sure how that math worked out in your head…

  28. grumpy, i dont know what ass you’re talking about, but the ass i get to see is round and lifted.

  29. Sorry I couldn’t resist, don’t really mean it. Its just that she sent me a really mean email and my feelings are hurt.

  30. “Like you have two quarters to rub together…” Joe, I have enough money to fly to PA, but not the income to make it worth my while. I’m a have not, it’s true. I’m injured and fucked up too. Still, I would fight you, gladly. your torment is only torment if I let it be so. Still, I haven’t fought someone in years. However, it’s stupid and not worth it. You took the bait. You ride a SURLY? I both respect and loathe that. Who cares? Why the fuck did you bring this ‘argument’ to Judi’s post, prey tell? Why am I stupid enough to respond to it??

    Seriously though, if YOU are willing to pay, or to travel here, I’ll trounce your ass with my Wu Tang style. Who gives a shit. Have another drink. It’s beer:30.

  31. I could only wish for a girlfriend that races bikes and has a nice tight pair of legs and a sweet ass. Good for you, Dominic. I’m happy for you.

  32. Just a question for all: WTF happened to DrunkCyclist? Where did the spirit and camaraderie of booze, boobs and boozed,boob’n-boobies go anyway? Geez…

  33. OK. The Colonel needs to go sleepy.

    lj. Fuck it man. Nothing here matters.

    Joe. As always, Fuck you.

    bgw. Hate to say but stop pushing that particular button.

    Hurben. You got cold beer but do ya got any hot woman ?

    Not that they would go for me of course but lighting does strike.

    I’m out.

    Da Kernel.

  34. yuck… ass is too flat, luv handles are approaching, and too many freckels on the upper side. hey dominic, can we see your ass and hairy back?

  35. Again, WTF? Why all this hateful shit on DC? Dr. Doom i can only assume you are a real “catch” too. How can I say you are a fucking tool, along with grumpy, without being a hypocrite. Guess I’ll never know… Keep that shit to yourself. Your motive is beyond me except to elicit the exact response i’m giving. BJ- thx for all the early years but I’m done participating. The original DC and DC concept will always be in good grace with me but not these fools. Say all the ignorant shit you want in a response… I won’t be around to read it. Adios

  36. yeah, i remember taxing that ass. pulled out just in time to place me boyz strategically atop the line of demarcation. thanks judy. i gave you at least one of those freckles… back in the day, ya know?

  37. cuz jarhead – you ARE the source of all this negativity. you go away, i (we) go away. you pollute, we dillute.

  38. Colonel,

    NZ has the finest Ladies on the planet, closely followed by our Australian cousins.

    This time we’re keeping them to ourselves, last time you Americans came down here you made off with the best of them during a little event known as WW2.