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24 Replies to “Iced – Just in time for the weekend.”

  1. Ha ha. I get it.

    Let’s let this joke die the immediate, but terrible, death it deserves.

  2. i’m a staunch advocate for the perpetuation of shit talk. (see the great “save the cantilever” thread from a couple days ago.)

  3. @hawk, no way. that shit is stupid. you guys can argue all you want about which brake is better. who fucking cares, not me. i have no clue what kind of brakes are on my fucking CX and MTbs anyway.

    hey yo, im glad you liked the FL pic. it was a rad shot i thought too. how is the jersey coming along?

  4. I guess I’ll head to the corner store, and start chugging. Happy Friday

  5. some beer stores have walk-in coolers, and if you’re quick, you can pound one or two standing in there and Apu won’t notice.

    Smirnoff Ice: come up easy, doesn’t stain your shoes.

  6. The worst part about all this is I just know, I mean I just fucking know that the next time I see some of these bozos I call friends I’m going to end up with a fucking bottle of that swill in front of me and I’m going to have to chug it. Like a man. Like a Viking.

    Either that or Pineapple and I will end up in another grudge match of Nut-Ball. (Don’t ask.)

  7. Big Man-
    I’m tempted to drive my ass down to the desert, and hide a bunch in your house for you. Hopefully they will be nice and warm when you find them.

  8. 40 ~ can you imagine coming across one of those out in the garage in the middle of a Phoenix summer? Jesus… It’s 102 out there, and it’s only 10:30 am. It’d be like drinking hot Anti-freeze!

  9. csr – hang tough! if you don’t want to drink, go ride, or go hang out at the pool and be that creepy guy that stares at all the hot women. and stay away from this site (it’s a trigger!).

  10. Big Man-
    I just pulled off an experiment, and now I have consumed both hot anti-freeze and hot Smirinoff Ice. The winner was the anti-freeze, but not by much.

  11. “It’d be like drinking hot Anti-freeze!”

    Jonny— anti-freeze burns coming up and will stain your shoes.

  12. i’m going to be the brian fucking boitano of this ice business. you wait and see, tuffguys. delta bravo culture has no idea how badly snakehawk can fuck up cool.

  13. You know the trick to drinking anti-freeze? Drinking a bunch of real liquor. At least that’s what the Hell’s Angels say…

  14. In all my years of outright stupidity (or which there are many), I do not believe I have ever actually tried a Smirnoff Ice.

    And, I know now, in the pit of my soul, that I will be honor bound to tip one before the year is out.

    Jesus. It’s like I’m sitting on death row…

  15. …someone said it best when they called it alcopop

    …marketing types have been sitting around for years saying “kids are getting soft these days & they’re just not drinking the hard stuff like people used to…let’s ‘invent’ drinks that the ‘pepsi generation’ can dig on”

    …& thus was devised crap like smirk-off ice