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I had a conversation with a friend the other day. She asked about motivation. Where does it come from?

I had to ride on that a few days but this is what I came up with.


Losing fucking sucks plain and simple.

This post has taken me a couple of days to write. It’s been in the cue for a couple of days now. I couldn’t find the words. Or, I knew what I wanted to say, but just couldn’t put it to paper. I started thinking about where it comes from. Then I thought about this.

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How do I get from MMA or Pride Fighting to racing bikes? Easy, every time you toe the line you had better be ready for war. All out war. No prisoners, no triage, no bitching, no whining. Either win or go home in a body bag.

That’s what I like about Fedor; no show boating, no nothing. Just stone cold killer. Get in and get it done. He talks just a little about not wanting to go back to the farm (min 4 in the vid). That’s as real as it gets. Then 5:26 to 5:33 in the vid raises the hair on my arms. That’s fast and that’s coming at you like a god damned freight train.

There has to be a switch.

There has to be something that switches on in your head when you pin a number on and you toe the line.

That switch has to be flipped.

That is motivation.

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22 Replies to “Motivation.”

  1. Great vid, but the timing is off by a few days seeing as how Fedor lost for the first time in like 10 years last weekend. He’s still the best HW ever, just maybe not the best currently fighting. Still, his attitude rocks – he does his job, doesn’t showboat when he wins and makes no excuses when he loses. I miss Pride – soccer kicks to the head were fun to watch.

  2. Dude. Get some.

    And Fedor Emelianenko lost when, on the 26th of this month? Yeah. Real recent. Had to end sometime, right?

  3. Thanks for posting that Snake. that dude’s incredible, and the complete package as a striker who can get it done on the ground too. And brings it with a calm, kung fu chi type thing where he saves it up for the explosion. Like the quiet before the storm. I LOVE MMA!(nice to see I’m not the only one in the spandex community) Good vid to pump you up fer sure.

  4. A brazilian guy that I work with (he does MMA and all that shit and gave the short version of Fabricios comments) told me that Fedor lost for two small reasons, a totally random movement put his elbow where Fabricio could catch it AND being very early in the fight and the room not overly hot, Fedor skin was dryish, so Fabricio had just enough grip to pull the lock…

    Sometines you get lucky, but if you are trained and prepared, you can convert luck into victory.


  5. …interesting post…

    …fedor’s bio-vid was cool…tim sylvia is both big & a ‘plodder’ but out in 36sec ???…ouch…as far as those other behemoths, usually once guys are down, they can’t handle fedor’s relentless attack…

    …which brings us to the ‘werdum’ fight…(thank you, gianni…i wanted to see how that came about)…fedor put him down fast & i guess he thought werdum was more stunned than he was…

    …gildas comments about werdum’s explanation make sense…fedor went in for the kill thinking it was all but over & the brazilian was on top (not literally) of his situation with the ability to exploit a small weakness & turn it into victory…

    …who would a’ thought fedor would have to tap, especially so early in a match…wow…absolute stunner…

  6. RAD FUCKING POST SNAKE! my favorite part: “…every time you toe the line you had better be ready for war. All out war. No prisoners, no triage, no bitching, no whining. Either win or go home in a body bag.”

    take that bitches. hellyea!

  7. (Cough), excuse me Judi, weren’t you commenting about a excess of testosterone in another posting….

    …just saying…

  8. At about 4:24, Fedor throws, and the ref is so ghosting on the other guy’s pending doom, that he hops up in the air. It’s on! Like watching a train wreck in slow motion. And mark this, ANY guy named Fabricio is gonna lose his next match, so he gets no credibility for this win.

  9. …grit sez “ANY guy named Fabricio is gonna lose his next match”

    …this is neither here nor there but speaking of names in ‘mma’, ever noticed that there are a disproportionate number of unusual names or at least not the normal “tom, dick & harry” or “bob, sam & dave” stuff amongst the american fighters…

    …add that to all the cool latin / brazilian names in there & it’s kinda interesting…

    …which, btw grit, means a guy named fabricio just might go a long way…

  10. the crazy thing is, on appearances alone Fedor doesn’t look like much. But man can that guy bring the pain!!!! Single Track Mind to the fullest, who cares if he recently lost. That shit will make him even hungrier.

  11. True, and the further he goes, the more likely they’ll fight again. That should settle it, and if not, set up a trilogy. What do you think about Lesnar/Carwin? Too hard to see clearly who might win. Anyways, it’s all good motivation for riding and reacting. Later!

  12. Well Grit, I’m pulling for Carwin on this one. The both of them are monsters, but Lesnar hasn’t fought anyone like Carwin or fought in the last year.